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Countries victims of ‘ninja’ loans, Central bank digital currencies report

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Commentary: Countries victims of ‘ninja’ loans

By Herbert Poenisch in Beijing

Countries need infrastructure in much the same way that US families needed houses before the 2008 financial crisis. The ‘American dream’ was to provide everyone with their own home. Similarly, poorer countries dream of infrastructure, to propel them to prosperity. People in the US bought houses through ‘no income, no jobs, no assets’ (‘ninja’) loans, unsure of how to reimburse their bank. Countries are doing the same to fund infrastructure projects. Both groups were lured by easy financing conditions.

Read the full commentary on the website.

Report: Central bank digital currencies 


The issue of central bank digital currencies has come to the fore over the last two years. Although a relatively new popular phenomenon, digital currencies have existed for decades.

This report, a collaboration between IBM Blockchain World Wire and OMFIF, explains the purpose of wholesale central bank digital currencies, as well as the motivations and business case for central banks to adopt wholesale CBDCs.

Download the report.

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