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Bureau Veritas Marine Technical Committee addresses key technical, technology and regulatory challenges in its autumn meeting in Piraeus

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A picture with all the members of the Hellenic Marine Technical Committee of Bureau Veritas.

  • Following presentations by BV experts, the Committee discussed IMO 2020 fuels, scrubbers, BWTS and cyber-security

Piraeus, November 29th, 2018
The 29th Marine Technical Committee Meeting of Bureau Veritas Piraeus was held on the 14th of November 2018 at the Yacht Club of Greece. The meeting was hosted by Mr. George Andreadis, Marine Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas, Greece and in the absence of the Committee Chairman, Mr. George Sarris of Enterprises Shipping & Trading, the meeting was chaired by its Vice-Chairman, Mr. Antonis Faraklas, Managing Director of Chartworld Shipping Corporation.

A general view of the committee meeting room.

Just over thirty committee members, primarily the Technical Directors of Greek Shipping Companies were
present joined by senior members of the Bureau Veritas office in Greece and representation from the Paris HeadOffice

The meeting commenced with the introduction of two new members, Mr Panagiotis Vassiliou Technical Manager of LMZ Shipping S.A. and Mr Haralambros Monokroussos Technical Manager of Maran Dry Management Inc. The appointment of an honorary member, Mr Lambros Chahalis, was announced. Until his retirement Mr. Chahalis was the Bureau Veritas’ Vice President Regional Chief Executive Hellenic and Black Sea Region.

l to r: Nick Brown, Vassilios Dimoulas and  Paillette Palaiologou

George Andreadis welcomed all the members and subsequently the presentations followed.

The Committee then received four presentations delivered by Bureau Veritas experts from the Greek office.

Mr. Stamatopoulos, Bureau Veritas Verifuel’s Business Development Manager, SE Europe, presented on the important subject of the 2020 fuel challenge and what shipmanagers need to consider in order to be prepared by the January 1 2020 deadline as well as providing insight into the problem of contaminated bunkers including the ‘Houston’ problem.

Vassilis Dimoulas, Technology and Innovation Manager Greece, Cyprus & Malta Bureau Veritas, addressed the subject “Retrofitting of SOx Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems – Technical challenges and practical considerations”. Bureau Veritas already has substantial experience on scrubber installations and is well placed to provide support in an advisory capacity as well as plan approval prior to installation and surveying support during the installation work.

l to r: George Andreadis, George – Paul Perantzakis, Antonis Faraklas, Mike Kasmas and Alecos Pavlides

Dr. John Kokarakis Technology & Business Development Director of Hellenic, Black Sea and Adriatic Zone Bureau Veritas then presented on Ballast Water Treatment Systems. He provided technical and technology insights as well as review of the different treatment technologies.

Finally, Mr. Dimoulas again, but this time along with Mr. George-Paul Perantzakis, Managing Director of Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co Ltd., addressed the committee on the subject of, ‘Cybersecurity in the Marine Environment’, specifically looking at the experience of Naftomar’s LPG “GAZ IMPERIAL”, a project that had been closely and successfully supported by Bureau Veritas’ experts in both the Piraeus and the Paris head office.

l to r: Ioannis Pantos, Manos Migadis and George Andreadis

The meeting concluded with a lengthy and lively discussion which continued during the traditional dinner that followed. Commenting, Mr. Andreadis said, ‘The committee is always a great opportunity for industry leaders and its members to exchange views, share their experience and expertise. We are very grateful for the opportunity our committee members provide us to support them in the best possible way. Greece has a significantly important shipowning and shipmanagement community. The exchange of expertise and
opinions has proved to be remarkably important in the evolution of our cooperation.’

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