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The BDI@1,231: life is a rollercoaster!

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 50 points and now stands at 1,231 points. Geopolitics are about to bring a Shakespearean Tempest revisited; John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

On a weekly basis the BDI was up 138 points – from 1,093, thanks to the Capes’ erroneous skyrocking earlier this week.

The Capes’ BCI lost 195 points and now stands at 1,755 losing both the 1,900 and 1,800 thresholds! Last week though it stood at 1,385 hence 390 points  still plus – cross your fingers…

The Panamaxes, our most favourable size as we have mentioned numerous times before, had its BPI at 1,463 – up eight points and on a weekly basis same was up 87 – from 1,376

Minus one for the Supras’ BSI now at 944; on a weekly basis the loss was eight points – down from 952…

The Handies’ BHSI lost two points and now stands at 626; on a weekly basis the loss was a single digit: nine points – from 635…

The situation with the Dry Market, particularly with the Capes doesn’t have any precedent!

The Wets continued to rise both on a daily as well as on a weekly basis; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,135 – plus two  and 780 – plus 30 points respectively. The weekly pickings were more than exceptional, particular for the Cleans. The BCTI was up 126 points from 654. The Dirties just nine… from 1,126…

The WTI as these lines are being written dropped down to US$ 50.68 – it even went below the US$ 50.00 mark at US$ 49.70… Last week it stood at US$ 56.80 – a substantial drop…

And now, Geopolitics: All issues we discuss over the five years remain the same, not an iota of slowing down or change on all developments…

The G20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, begun with very low morale, expectations, projections …and hiccups – Frau Merkel’s plane spoiled the start… Behind all these smiling actors in the stage of the world …err I mean politicians, there are too many unresolved issues amongst them on all matters and many of the G20 members have tremendous communication problems between them; too many egopaths, almost all of them and I bet you we will end in another fiasco which in turn will trigger real conflicts and extend the Trade Wars. All this takes place in a former economic power: Argentina, now twice bankrupt from its enemies… in South America, who in combination with the many Central American nations, might trigger revolts – we live this with Venezuela and others… So caution. Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president and host believe that the solution is dialogue, we agree, but same fells into deaf ears as things prove even to this very moment. Will there be a statement for shared responsibility?

Will Trump meet Putin at the end of the day? Fine, it wasn’t the Ukrainian saga, we know, it was something else, but…  Can they agree on climate change, trade or they will continue to …bully shipping with scrubbers and all that jazz and others go scot-free? Despite the impressive figures of the G20 the harsh reality is the majority of its members are bankrupt. This is the fact that the media must upload for people to get the message, as most of these nations and their leaders belong to the category: see who’s talking? What a hype this group represents given that these 19 nations are Planet Ocean’s most industrialised countries and with the EU control about 85 centum of Planet Ocean’s economic output and 75 centum of its population, yet we are all bankrupt… An oxymoron or a charlatan’s world??? Will there be an “armistice” between USA and China over the Trade War and Tariffs? How BREXIT affects them as well as all 195 nations all over Planet Ocean – 193 are UN member states… will be affected? Does the Khashoggi saga bothers them? In 2020 it is Saudi Arabia to host the G20, whilst in the between all eyes will focus on Japan for the 2019 G20 event where everything will be unveiled! Will await and see what the final communique says… and will have our say on Monday…

MIGRANTS, unfortunately rule the day everywhere. Add the fact that there is an uneasiness with the BREXIT saga from both sides of the channel on this very issue… Caution…

There is also an uneasiness in the Syrian and Iraqi Wars and we still await to see how the cake of rebuilding both nations will be “awarded”, particularly for Syria and when same will begin… Add the long standing Middle East Crisis and the possible Conflagration in the East Med and see what you get.

Add the Balkans were both Turkey and Russia – to a lesser extent stir-up the region…

Turkey with Erdogan at the helm will cause mess and hope the ExxonMobil drilling at Block 10 offshore Cyprus will teach him and the Turks (including his ultra nationalist opposition,  a lesson. Turkish bullying of all neighbouring nations as well as in its periphery will cause tsunamis. Blackmail amongst others is until now all Turkey’s leaders lethal weapon for centuries… See the easiness by which the send over the Migrants to the Greek Islands in the Aegean… and conversely to Europe and see the pathetic behaviour of the Brussels secretariat headed by Frau Merkel. Is Frau Merkel afraid of the Turks or better say what makes her stop short in stopping Turkish destructive policy towards Europe? All these issues are depicting Ariadne’s Thread or as we numerous times refer in our reports: very enigmatically perplexed issues…  and only Zeus knows how to end this mess…

Turkey, technically and actuality a bankrupt nation, will do everything – not just anything, to make it a mess and “export” its  internal  problems to try and save its skin… but times have changed…

Greece next door continues to get more in the red financially despite what the populist coalition says. In its external affairs Greece is bullied even by its allies and the EU and time will tell; expect though, one day the Greek Wrath – study the historical facts and I am sure you will get the message… On another note we are pleased to see more and more people confirming from now on, better say every day, their holidays in Greece, the country were its multiple holidays offerings is second to none. A country Blessed by its Twelve Gods and its Nature, but with the wrong politicians- any objection? We reiterate the view that ONLY and ARISTOS team can save Greece; end of the story!

Mind the Balkans… the coming eruptions there might be despicable. It’s the best time now NATO and the EU not step in, MOVE  IN !!

BREXIT raises the stakes from both sides of the British Channel and whatever all involved are saying and doing AND acting, upsets us. More importantly we care about the Shipping effect BREXIT will have to all British Ports which in turn will affect Trade, Logistics and above all everyday life. The UK Chamber of Shipping is very much concerned!

Italy will, one way or another ridicule Brussels vis-à-vis the Italian Budget; and why not!

What’s up in France 50 (fifty) plus year after May 68  events, eh? Let’s see how president Macron reacts…

Good to read that Spain ban all old cars from the centre of its capital Madrid to reduce emissions by up to 40 percent!

…and Russia has the upper hand in the Ukrainian latest mess at a very important region – Sea of Azov, and see what you get! It seems Ukrainians cannot read president Putin’s plans no his agenda – they should have been more thoughtful.  Equally president Putin must understand  not to overstay the West’s welcome…

At this very moment and  given the G20 summit, 7.5 billion people await what’s next in president Trump’s agenda on all issues on Planet Ocean!

At the other side of the Atlantic, basically meaning North America first and foremost we have an earthquake in Alaska at 7 of the Richter Scale and let us hope things are not very bad… we will revert on this!

Secondly, a new lefty Mexican president, AMLO – as Andrés Manuel López Obrador  is known,  will be sworn-in this coming Sunday. A genuine fighter, he managed with a third attempt to become president. Let’s see now how his dream and promises come true… Remember promises make debts and debts make promises… He has one more than an immediate issue: the Migrants – here we go again, who are massing at the USA/ Mexican border; the Honduras and others caravan… Let’s also see the signing of the revised NAFTA agreement in Buenos Aires how it works for Mexico and himself! Indeed he has a lot to deliver in the next six years when he will be 71 !!!

What an earthquake that was in Alaska, eh! at 7 of the Richter Scale things can be very bad… we will revert on this!

In Africa some good news… South Africa  is to get aid from the USA with the Fed giving a strong signal that it may not hike the interest rates; in general this help the South Africa Rand – it was trading earlier on today at  US$1/R 13.76 – from R14.82 a month ago. Add the fact that a stronger and means lower petrol prices!

Zimbabwe is to get a new China-funded parliament; same will be built on farmland!

In India tens of thousands of farmers marched to the parliament in Delhi as the agrarian crisis deepens; caution as this is the fourth farmers’ protest within a year!

The Environment  – the emissions, was the main cause for demonstrations all over Australia by youths in Canberra and twenty regional towns. Australia is among the nation that UN has complaint that it falls sort of its emission commitments!

On another note and tone, remind you informa’s Salvage &  Wreck conference 5 -7 December at the Tower Bridge Hilton in London. A more than an important and timely Conference! See respective banner at the right hand side of the site!

Until we revert  before midnight with the second update, have a nice evening, enjoy the weekend, get ready for Christmas and the New Year now 24 and 3o days away. Once again we warn you to be on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and any Criminal whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

*The members of the G20 – in alphabetical order, are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.


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