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The Union of Greek Shipowners joins the Arctic Economic Council

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Theodore El. Veniamis, president of the Union of Greek Shipowners

The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) is pleased to announce its acceptance as member to the Arctic Economic Council (AEC), the independent organization acting as the primary forum for interaction between the Arctic Council and the wider circumpolar and non-Arctic business communities.

“Greek shipowners, who are hands-on operators and control 20% of the total world tonnage in deadweight and about 50% of the total European Union fleet, are primarily involved in cross trading activities carrying cargoes between third countries and their vessels are among the first to have navigated through the Arctic Sea route”, the President of the UGS, Mr. Theodore Veniamis noted.

Welcoming the UGS to the AEC, Mr. Tero Vauraste, the Chair of the AEC stated: “As a globally-minded organization, we are delighted to extend the geographic scope of our membership to Greece. Business is international, and the Arctic is not an exemption. Through collaboration and active engagement in a global level, we hope to facilitate the sustainable economic development of the Arctic”.

“The Union of Greek Shipowners, being the international institutional representative of Greek shipping, which holds the first position in the world, acknowledges the important work of the Arctic Economic Council in respect of promoting a comprehensive and holistic approach to the issues affecting the Arctic region. The UGS is especially keen to contribute to this holistic approach by offering its vast experience and deep knowledge in ship operation and navigation in the Arctic policy discussions, always with a view to ensuring the safety of life at sea and the protection of the environment as absolute priorities”, Mr. Veniamis concluded.

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