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Cool; the BDI@1,096 …and life goes on

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John Faraclas

Opps Opps the BDI fells with the Capes leading the sky-fall; Geopolitics despite the vote on BREXIT, forthcoming hostilities and looming trade wars will respond. Lloyd’s Register traditional Vassilopitta takes the Square Mile by surprise and ATOPOS cvc makes wave at the Hellenic Centre. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The BDI lost 51 points earlier on today and now reads 1,096.

Triple-digit losses for the Capes with the BCI now reading 1,831  – minus 121 point!

The Panamaxes did “better” with the BPI now at    1,104 – that’s down 14 points…

29 points losses for the Supras’ with the BSI now standing at 785 points…

The Handies lost the 500 points threshold with the BHSI now standing at  499 – minus 12 points..

The Wets too on a …downfall mode; the last published BDTI  (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 925 – minus four and 659 – minus eight points respectively!

The WTI ended over and above the US$ 52.00 at US$52.11 ! CAUTION; we maintain the view that anything above the US$ 50 is more than catastrophic! Time will tell as the 7 (seven) plus billion people on Planet Ocean continue to suffer as a result of the oil prices…

The Geopolitical situation smells of gun powder. We luck from leaders to be able and resolved the many problems on Planet Ocean.

Today’s “leaders” have been tested with the MIGRANTS issue and until this very moment have spectacularly failed; add the BREXIT saga which produced another voting palaver earlier on tonight with  432 voting against Mrs. May’s deal including 118 so called rebels from the Conservative party and see what you get. Politicians and their cronies AND visa-versa should had respected in all earnest the Referendum’s Result which was absolutely clear: BREXIT here and now …but under which proviso? There wasn’t as you all understand any proviso whatsoever on how the United Kingdom would  / could leave. As we have numerous times in the past explained, the BREXIT saga is more than enigmatically perplexed! Hope you all have your RWAD to confront the RWA! In life there are cheap and expensive decisions and mistakes could be very expensive to correct and then re-adjust your life accordingly! Time will tell.-

Europe is  on tatters… and indeed everybody wants more and more nations in the European Union, fine, agreeable but on healthy terms!!! Quo vadis Europe?

The Warring issues within the faulty zone from Gib  (Gibraltar) to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa having its epicentres in the Balkans and East Med / Middle East will soon produce havoc for all.

Syria and Iraq under a pestering and bullying Turkish establishment – currently headed by Erdogan and other countries in the region such as Greece, Cyprus, Israel will confront new issues… including of course fYroM, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia – for a start…

Italy and France with a huge financial deficit follow that of Merkel’s Germany and are all in messy jeopardy!

Putin’s Russia continues with an aggressive agenda…

At the other side of the Atlantic the Shut-down brings havoc but still nothing to worry about. The USA is the undisputable  super-power but must get its act together…

More news just before midnight including Lloyd’s Register’s traditional Greek Vassilopitta and  Atropos’ #TextMe_PaperFashion super event’s private view in London’s Hellenic Centre with pictures too; until then remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.-

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