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John Faraclas – picture credits Kenny Hickey

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 43 points earlier on today –  better than yesterday when the loss was 54 points and let’s hope that things change. The Geopolitics are now entering the worse stage; it will be the beginning of the end… Globalisation got lost in the mist of time. John Faraclas’ daily  recap:

The Capes’ BCI losses were a double-digit one; 49 points at 1,726..

Panamaxes’ though fall was worse; 65 points lost with the BPI now standing at 828..

Supras’ BSI lost 31 points and now reads 607 – a faction away losing the 600 points threshold! CAUTION!

Handies are also in danger losing their 400 points base; the BHSI lost 14 points and now stands at 409…

The Wets with mixed feeling but with minimal ups and downs; the last published BDTI (Dirties)  and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 866 – minus two and 668 – plus four points respectively.

The WTI was close  to US$ 53.00 and might go even slightly higher… Caution is urgently advised. Don’t shoot you own feet…

People, I mean the Shipping Industry’s stakeholders, continue their wishful thinking!!  The Market is simply low, very low to be precise… the oil prices jump again and Geopolitics become nasty… Can you hold on? Can you still throw good money after bad? Can you afford the regulators and the wrong environmentalists to spoil the broth? AND, repeat AND, can you digest that the BDI is down 1,308 points from the end of December 2013 when it stood at 2,247? Wake up!

Reverting before midnight with some important Geopolitical news; until then remain on guard from issues emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and any Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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