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KR certifies Songa Shipmanagement as cyber security compliant​

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Joanne Pauline CCSO (Company Cyber Security Officer) Songa Shipmanagement, Kenneth MacLeod, CEO Songa Shipmanagement and Jeoungkyu Lim and Kaemyoung Park, Team Leader from KR’s Cyber Certification Team.

Korean Register (KR) has completed a comprehensive cyber security audit of Songa Shipmanagement and has certified the company to be fully compliant in all areas, the first company to achieve the certification.

A formal presentation took place on 12 February at Songa Shipmanagement’s offices near Glasgow, Scotland with Mr. Kenneth MacLeod, CEO of Songa Shipmanagement and Ms. Joanne Pauline CCSO (Company Cyber Security Officer) of Songa Shipmanagement and Kaemyoung Park, Team Leader and Jeoungkyu Lim from KR’s Cyber Certification Team.

Songa Shipmanagement manages and operates 23 chemical/oil tankers and is the first KR cyber security certified company that has developed and implemented a comprehensive cyber security management system able to respond to all kinds of cyber incidents.

KR established its cyber security certification process last year (2018) in accordance with international security standards ISO 27001, IEC 62443, NIST framework and in line with International Maritime Organization (IMO) and BIMCO’s cyber security guidelines.

Songa’s cyber security certification audit has been conducted over the last six months, and the company has passed 87 inspection items in 18 categories such as human management, risk management, asset management, response and recovery.

The audit examines the organisation’s processes to ensure they meet industry standards, satisfying all the requirements of the IMO, OCIMF TMSA (Oil Companies International Marine Forum Tanker Management Self Assessment) and RIGHTSHIP under the direction of the CCSO. KR will now certify the operational cyber security of Songa Shipmanagement’s 23 vessels.

KR has industry leading expertise in the field of cyber security, and is working on many other cyber security projects across the maritime industry, including Cyber Security System Type Approval for Hyundai Electric’s ISCS (Integrated Smart Communication System), Cyber Security System Type Approval for Yokogawa Electric Korea’s LNG IAS (Integrated Alarm System) and Company Cyber Security Certification for T1IT Ltd, a ship IT service provider.

“A robust and comprehensive cyber security reponse and active protection against any cyber attack has become essential to ensure the safety of vessels and their crews and to protect organisations across the maritime industries,” said Jeong-ki Lee, CEO of KR.

“In the future, KR will not just certify companies and vessels, we are expanding our range of related technical services to include cyber security type approval and the certification of ship IT service providers, and will develop further services to meet our customers requirements.”

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