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Lower Mississippi River, United States

High water measure established
Thursday, March 7, 2019, Lower Mississippi River, United States

When the Baton Rouge gauge reads above 43’, a U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Measure is established for all waters of the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) from Mile 167.5 Above Head of Passes (AHP), to Mile 254.5 AHP.

This VTS Measure is needed to protect persons and vessels from the potential safety hazards associated with the effects of high water levels on the Lower Mississippi River. This Measure is effective immediately.

Ocean Going Vessel requirements, Baton Rouge Harbor (MM 225-234)

Ocean going vessels must use tug escorts with adequate horsepower alongside while transiting upbound past the I-10 Bridge to dock, as well as departing the dock and transiting downbound past the I-10 Bridge.
Only one ocean going vessel at a time will be allowed to be underway between the I-10 Bridge and the US-190 Bridge.
Ocean going vessels shall not anchor in the upper half mile of the Baton Rouge General Anchorage. The Pilot must notify VTS if it is necessary to anchor any vessel in the remainder of the anchorage.
Ocean going vessels must contact VTS with ETA to Richard Powell range light (MM 218.4) and check in again once at MM 219.
Ocean going vessels departing this area must contact VTS prior to getting underway.
81-Mile Point (MM170-182)

Ocean Going vessels shall navigate between MM 170 and 182 during daylight hours only.
Towing vessels must be able to maintain a minimum of 3 mph through the VTS regulated area (MM 170-182).
No vessels are allowed to hold within a mile of 81 Mile Point on the Left Descending Bank.
All vessels transiting the area shall avoid passing or overtaking situations at or near Philadelphia Point, 81mile Point, Bringier Point, and Point Houmas.
For further details, updates and information about operations in the United States, contact GAC North America at usa@gac.com

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