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BREXIT: Twist and Shout

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BREXIT: Twist and Shout

The romantics will definitely sing the Beatles song “Twist and Shout” – just read and paraphrase the lyrics and you will see what I mean. The hard “…rockers” will simply wonder by saying: “Who’s calling a fast one on the United Kingdom, eh?”

Whatever, it is advisable to be watching every single momentum of this saga… following the 391 – 242 “defeat” of Mrs. May’s plan earlier on tonight…  History one day will tell and the harsh reality will shine. There is of course another school of thought: why leave the European Union? Well the response we have is unfortunately correct in our humble view: “See how the European Union continues to strangulate Greece even this very moment” that you read this sentence…  AND: The wrong people lead the European Union… hence the people voted for a leave… Add the fact that there were no rules of leaving nor any rules for expelling a country… A big shame for those who took it for granted that no one will wish to leave… See and think why Mrs. Merkel does everything to have Greece remain in the EU…

More news on BREXIT later on. We live in interesting times…

P.S.: Can we work it out – to paraphrase the Beatles song: We Can Work it out… Await your comments

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Michael Kavanagh March 13, 2019 - 11:56 AM

In my opinion; the only reason that the First/the last Vote was taken regarding Leaving ,was because it was thought that there was ‘No Way’ that the vote would go:- To Leave. Hence the resignation when it did go that way. Now we have to find a way to be able to stay Legitimately. Therese May has all my sympathy; she has been ‘Lumbered’ with this desperate problem.


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