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BREXIT: The Ides of March?

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BREXIT: The Ides of March?

Following our last night’s on BREXIT, we had once again a very perplexed result at the House of Commons today and we are now faced with an unprecedented continuation of a Byzantine style scenario on the BREXIT saga. With a 321 to 278 score MPs have rejected the UK leaving the EU without a deal, and that in our opinion was a good result! 

They also voted 374 to 164 to reject a plan in delaying the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union until 22 May 2019. But wonder: can this be called a “managed no deal BREXIT” ?

In our humble view it is the continental Europeans to blame as from their tactics one can establish that they are trying to lure the United Kingdom to “surrender” and remain…  Wonder who has really lost the plot…

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