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BLUE Insight, Spring 2019

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BLUE Insight, Spring 2019

In this issue we take a closer look at the art – or science? – of PR and communications in the marine and energy sectors.

We explore the risks and rewards of rebranding your organisation and investigate the vital relationship between sales and PR. We also look at the insights that a perceptions audit can deliver, revealing what your stakeholders really think of you.

Closer to home, we’re delighted to welcome the latest organisations to our roster of clients, spanning credit risk, class and ports, and each one a leader in their field. We’re also excited to unveil our new partnership with TrendKite, offering a media tracking, measurement and evaluation solution that is purpose-built for the marine and energy sectors.

Finally, at a time when the Doomsday Clock remains at two minutes to midnight, we offer a few reasons to be cheerful when it comes to shipping’s moves towards decarbonisation.

Enjoy the read!

Team Blue

Class, credit risk and ports: BLUE’s latest clients

BLUE’s client base has continued to expand into a number of exciting new fields in recent months. Bureau Veritas, the world-leading class society, Infospectrum, the largest independent provider of counterparty risk services to the shipping and commodity industries, and the Port of Cork have all started working with BLUE. Three very different organisations, each one playing a vital role in the shipping industry and each one with an important story to tell.

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Holding back the Doomsday Clock

BLUE’s Rhys Thomas explores why – in the era of Trump and Brexit – even though it may feel like the world is on the brink of ending, we should celebrate the progress being made towards greater sustainability across the marine and energy sectors, no matter how small. By looking at research conducted on the UK’s energy mix, we can draw one inspiring message for seemingly dark times: individual actions do matter, and being the first mover on decarbonisation really can make a difference.

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Selling PR: how sales and PR can work together

Do you know the role of a sales person and how they contribute to business success? Of course. How about the role of public relations counsel? Less clear? You’re not alone. Many recognise the term PR. However, not everyone understands what it means and even fewer know how to use it effectively. Our senior consultant Clare-Marie Dobing argues that sales and PR functions are both fundamental to the relationship-building process and work best when working together, as part of an overarching business strategy with brand at its heart.

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Rebranding: adapting to a changing tide

The energy and marine sectors are constantly evolving and when any organisation finds that its brand is out of step with the market landscape, it might be time to consider a change. But this change cannot just be cosmetic. To successfully refresh a corporate brand and seize the opportunities of markets in transition, the process must go to the very roots of the organisation; its purpose, its vision and more. Senior account executive Lisa Davison investigates the challenge of delivering a successful corporate rebrand.

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Perception is reality, so let’s measure it

A perception audit is the gold standard for evaluating the impressions and attitudes that are held about a firm. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and a full-scale survey – especially if conducted regularly – helps to accurately identify the causes and effects of your company’s actions on its reputation.

However, it is possible to get a small sliver of that insight based on the results of a single news announcement. Our senior account manager Nick Arthur looks at what we can glean from the coverage of last year’s announcement of the cooperation between the 2M Alliance and Zim.

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Trendkite and BLUE – A Strategic Partnership

As the media landscape is transformed by digitalisation, tracking, measuring and evaluating the success of your PR activities is complex. For sectors like marine and energy that operate on a global scale across multiple platforms, many of which are behind paywalls, these complexities can be accentuated.

BLUE has teamed up with the leading intelligent communications platform for PR content, Trendkite, to develop a purpose-built solution for marine and energy. This will enable us to ensure that our clients receive not only the RIGHT information, but also the context in which to understand it.

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