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Bunkernet is excited for the successful 7th Bunkernet Bunker Conference in Limassol

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a full house with Unni Einemo at the podium

Bunkernet is excited for the successful  7th Bunkernet Bunker Conference in Limassol

Bunkernet is excited to have welcomed more than 150 participants to the 7th Bunkernet Bunker Conference at Grand Resort Limassol on the 11th of April.

Partnered with the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), Bunkernet shed light on the 2020 developments, through a series of discussions regarding the main challenges raised by the new sulphur cap legislation. The conference’s agenda covered pivotal issues concerning the upcoming changes, such as price evolution, technical considerations as well as alternative marine fuel solutions.

Eleni Pittalis delivering he speech

The inaugural address was given by Bunkernet’ s General Manager, Nicholas Argyrou, who stressed the importance of such events as a chance to address the new industry challenges and as an opportunity for growth and development.

Delegates from several major players of the maritime industry participated in panel discussions, offering various insights about the issues at hand and raising the audience’s engagement.

George Polychroniou delivering his speech

Attendees also enjoyed the 9th East Med Marine and Oil & Gas exhibition which took place after the conclusion of the conference. With over 100 exhibitors from all over the world, the exhibition provided a great opportunity for the industry stakeholders to interact as well as exchange expertise about the latest industry advancements and cutting-edge technologies.

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