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Another success story from BlueGrowth Alumni!

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Another success story from BlueGrowth Alumni!

keeano – The Social Coastline Guide
The idea which Ilias Bogordos had on May 2017, was simple, yet powerful. How to connect the community of those being affiliated with the coastlines either for work or pleasure worldwide, by being able to share live information and get reports about anything that interests them on the Coastlines, by taking into consideration their own personalized “way around the coasts”, in a single App?

The team has grown a lot since then and the answer gave birth to keep – The Social Coastline Guide, the App that engulfs all the information of locations around the coastlines which a sailor, a skipper, a yacht owner or a traveler might need, filtered to a map by their own personal interests, Needs and way of transportation (By Sea or By Land).

Keeano is a live, dynamic crowdsourced app that finds for you the most suitable places around the Coast, such as 5.000 Anchorages (bathymetry and geometry included) , live vessel on the map featuring Pleasure crafts, Fishing boats and Sailing vessels using AIS Tracking system, more than 21.500 beaches2.400 Marinas1.900 Mooring spots and 350 Ports in Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea, having highly detailed information provided by the Marine Keeano community.

How does the App work though? 
Our sophisticated algorithm takes into consideration the information the users have provided such as way of transportation around the coast (By car or By boat), their interests and needs such as on their profile such as fishing, sailing or even clubbing and their “Mood” from Exploring to Family mood and ranks all results on the map around the Coast (0% to 100%), to match each one’s profile. By being a community, keeano team transfers the power to its’ users by being able to suggest new places choosing from 19 different types or suggest an edit to existing one, reporting an incident/alert at the Coastline spanning from Jellyfish alert to water pollution or Coast boat occupancy, by also sharing ReviewsPhotos and getting directions to the place through 3rd party Apps (only by car at the moment). Our algorithm can even rank all anchorages to be sure your vessel can fit, just by checking with your vessel size information, provided at your profile.

So either being a well experienced sailor looking for an anchorage that can safely fit its vessel or a Sea and Sun Traveler looking for a not-so-crowded beach to have a relaxing afternoon with your family, you can join, explore and contribute the Keeano community in 3 easy and simple steps.

1)  Download the App by clicking here: http://onelink.to/keeano

2) Create your profile adding Interests, Needs and ways of transport around the Coastline.

3) Choose your Mood and start exploring on the Map!

If you want to learn more about Keeano App or be informed about new features click here! http://bit.ly/MoreKeeano

Looking forward this summer to see you at the Coast!

Keeano – The Social Coastline Guide

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