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Meet BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Peter Sand

Meet BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst will be participating at the TOC Europe in Rotterdam on 18 June 2019.

Peter Sand will discuss the outlook for the dry bulk market in 2019 and beyond. This session is part of the Bulk Exhibition & Seminars and is scheduled for 18 June 2019 between 10:30 and 11:30. Peter Sand will discuss the volatility the market faces, freight rates and opportunities for the dry bulk market come 2020. He will be joined by Leticia Astudillo, technical lead at Drewry.

 Peter Sand will also take part in the Container Supply Chain Conference on 18 June 2019. Between 15:00 and 17:30 he will be discussing the business, trade and container shipping outlook in 2019. Touching on topics such as the uncertainty facing the market, the trade war, automation and digitalisation.

 In this discussion, Peter Sand will be joined by Dieter Degryse, General Manager Transportation Operations EAME at Caterpillar,Lars Jensen, CEO and partner at SeaIntelligence Consulting, Neil Davidson, senior analyst focusing on ports and terminals at Drewry and David Lenaers, senior transportation manager EMEA-ANZ at Stanley Black & Decker.

The conference will take place between 18 and 20 June 2019 at Rotterdam Ahoy in the Netherlands.

 More information about the event can be found here.

 If you would like a private meeting with Peter Sand, feel free to contact him at ps@bimco.org.

 BIMCO’s shipping market analysis team uses global economics as a starting point for analysing seaborne trades. By analysing the commercial markets for dry bulkers, tankers and containerships, they assist management, members and clients with insight into many different aspects of the global shipping industry.

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