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Hypatia and Theresa May; diversity victims?

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British PM Theresa May

Hypatia and Theresa May; diversity victims?

Theresa May’s announcement of stepping down “come” at no better time and to no surprise at all here at allaboutsshipping. John Faraclas’ note:

As the WISTA Med 2019 Conference was progressing earlier on today and just before the fourth panel’s deliberations begun, the news come from London following the emotional statement of British Prime Minister announcing her decision to leave Ten Downing Street; what a pity.


Hypatia story matches today’s events following a year or so of negos both within the Conservative party and the Brussels bureaucrats with the BREXIT “saga” with the heroine so to speak Mrs. May who wanted to deliver BREXIT, the democratic decision of the British people following a referendum, but men AND women with greediness to power decided to spoil her efforts.  Hypatia of Alexandria, the great mathematician and astronomer as well as the female beauty of her time was a true sight to behold, hence she was killed because of it by a mob who stoned her to death. Obviously in a country like the United Kingdom you don’t expect to see something like this happening in this day and age, but what really happened was worse than what Hypatia suffered. Time will tell. Living well is the best revenge and I am pretty sure Mrs. May will be glorified one day. Time is the worse punishment you can imagine. Let’s follow the events now and see the effects of her stepping down and the end result of BREXIT!

Off now to the WISTA Med Gala Dinner… Watch this space!

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