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Launch of the biggest port capacity in the Mediterranean: The Port Tanger Med

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Launch of the biggest port capacity in the Mediterranean: The Port Tanger Med

About Tanger Med:

Tanger Med is a global logistics hub, located on the Strait of Gibraltar. It is connected to 186 world ports, providing processing capabilities for 9 million containers, transit of 7 million passengers and 700,000 IRT trucks, as well as the export of 1 million vehicles.

Tanger Med is an industrial platform for more than 900 companies representing an annual export business volume of € 7,300 million in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textiles and trade.

Tanger Med is strategically located on the Strait of Gibraltar at the crossroads of the major East / West and North / South maritime routes. It is a natural transhipment hub for the global logistics flows.

Tanger Med represents a total public private investment of € 8,100 million.

Official launch of port operations of Tanger Med port 2:


The Tanger Med 2 port is the third phase of development of the Tanger Med port complex, alongside the Tanger Med 1 port and the Passengers & ro-ro port.

It corresponds to a public investment in infrastructures of € 1,300 million with more than 4,600
metre of dikes and 2,800 metre of docks.

This new port will develop two new container terminals offering an additional capacity of 6 million
containers, in addition to the already existing 3 million containers of the Tanger Med 1 port.

The world leading dealer

The world leader MAERSK APM will develop a TC4 container terminal at the Tanger Med 2 port
under a 30-year concession agreement.

This will be the second terminal operated by the world leader in the port complex, consolidating
Tanger Med’s position on global logistics flows and as a reference for transhipment platform for
flows from / to Africa.

The terminal is the most innovative in Africa incorporating the latest technologies in container
movement automation.

The total private investment is E1,100 million.

Tanger Med, at the heart of world trade

The opening of the Tanger Med 2 port will further strengthen Tanger Med’s position as a reference hub for global logistics flow and global trade.

Thus, with a capacity of 9 million containers, Tanger Med positions itself as the first port in the
Mediterranean as well as in the top 20 platforms of reference in the world.




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