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Bureau Veritas Marine Technical Committee addresses 2020 technical and regulatory challenges.

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The Bureau Veritas Hellenic Marine Technical Committee Members and Guests

Bureau Veritas Marine Technical Committee addresses 2020 technical and regulatory challenges.

Piraeus, June 28th, 2019

 The 30th marine technical committee meeting of Bureau Veritas Piraeus took place on the 11th of June 2019 at the Ecali Club. The meeting was hosted by Mr George Andreadis, marine chief executive of Bureau Veritas Greece and was chaired by the committee chairman, Mr George Sarris of Enterprises Shipping & Trading.

l to r: Paillette Palaiologou, George Sarris,  George Andreadis, John Kokarakis, Bill Stamatopoulos and Mike Kasmas

More than 45 members, primarily the technical directors of Greek shipping companies along with senior members of the Bureau Veritas office in Greece, were present at the committee’s first meeting in this, its 20th anniversary year.

 The meeting commenced with the introduction of four new members, Mr Nikos Lambroukos technical manager of Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd, Mr Loukas Kaniaros, technical manager of Maran Dry Management, Mr Antonis Alexiou, technical manager of Product Shipping & Trading SA. and Mr Panos Kourkountis, technical manager of Sea Traders SA.

 George Andreadis welcomed members ahead of the presentations.

l to r: Antonis D. Faraklas, Paillette Palaiologou and Mike Kasmas

These began with Dr John Kokarakis, technology and business development director of the Hellenic, Black Sea and Adriatic zone of Bureau Veritas posing the question “Is slow steaming the silver bullet to decarbonise shipping?” He dealt with the technical requirements and the challenges of reducing speed as a drastic measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Effects from the expected increase in the number of ships trading and impact on SOx emissions from moderate speed reductions were covered by Dr Kokarakis.

l to r: Lambros A. Chahalis, Eleni Letoni and George Kotsyfis

 Mr Vassilis Dimoulas, technology and innovation manager Greece, Cyprus and Malta for Bureau Veritas, addressed the topic “Inventory of Hazardous Materials” followed by Mr George Andreadis who closed the first part of the meeting with a brief update on IMO MEPC 74.

 The second part of the event was dedicated to fuels. Mr Nikolaos Kakalis, business development manager of Bureau Veritas addressed the VeriFuel insight on 2020 fuels.

l to r: Stelios Siafakas with George Andreadis

Mr Vasilis Panagopoulos, commercial director fuels and lubricants at EKO – Hellenic Petroleum elaborated on the supplier’s perspective for 2020 fuels. He was followed by Mr Dimoulas who presented an overview of the Ship Implementation Plan.

Dr Kokarakis closed the meeting with yet another strong technical presentation entitled: “Environmental challenges and ship rating initiatives”. The specifics behind the critical rating of bulk carriers by Rightship were deciphered and methods were analysed on how to improve ratings under the constraint of IACS minimum power guidelines. Furthermore, the concern relating to select catalytic reactors at start-up or low engine loads was described along with ways to tackle it.

l to r: Constantinos Manoudakis and John Kokarakis

The meeting concluded with a lengthy and lively discussion which continued during the traditional dinner that followed. Mr Andreadis reiterated that “the committee is always a great opportunity for industry leaders and members to exchange views, share their experience and expertise. We are grateful for the opportunity our committee members provide to support them in the best possible way. Greece has a significantly important shipowning and shipmanagement community. The exchange of expertise and opinions has proved to be remarkably important in the evolution of our cooperation.”

George Andreadis, Fotis Belexis, Nikos Kakalis,   Bill Stamatopoulos  and  Nikos Lambroukos

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