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Hot Port News from GAC

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Hot Port News from GAC


Hong Kong

Thevenard, Australia



Marine works inside ex-Wan Chai Public Cargo Working Area Basin
Friday, June 28, 2019, Hong Kong

For approximately 5 months, marine works involving material filling and leveling will be carried out in the area bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (B) and the adjacent shoreline:
(A) 22 deg. 17.054’N / 114 deg. 10.909’E
(B) 22 deg. 17.040’N / 114 deg. 10.853’E

The works will be carried out by three derrick lighters and two hopper barges. Two tugboats and one work boat will provide assistance. The number of vessels engaged in the works will change from time to time to suit operational requirements.

A working area of approximately 15 metres around each lighter and barge will be established. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the lighters and barges.

Several silt curtains, extending from the sea surface to the seabed, will be established within the works area. Each silt curtain is a large piece of netting used to contain mud and sediments. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the extents of the silt curtains.

The hours of work will be from 0700 to 1900 hours. No works will be carried out on Sundays and Public Holidays. Vessels employed for the works will stay in the works area outside the hours of work.

Vessels engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in international and local regulations.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at shipping.hongkong@gac.com)

Source: Government of the Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No. 107 of 2019

Port restoration work
Friday, June 28, 2019, Thevenard, Australia

Flinders Ports has announced restoration work and improvements to the Port of Thevenard jetty, to ensure it remains viable for future commercial and recreational use, started this week.

The project will involve significant maintenance and renewal works on the existing 235m structure. There will also be improvements, including a slight widening of the jetty deck and the installation of craneage points to facilitate future maintenance activity. Works will include jetty beam and slab demolition, new piles and structural steel supports, precast concrete deck installation, and fit out of railings and kerbs.

The project is due for completion in late 2020.

For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

Temporary suspension of Inter-Pacific Petroleum Pte Ltd bunker craft operator licence
Friday, June 28, 2019, Singapore

Arising from an enforcement check on a bunker tanker operated by Inter-Pacific Petroleum Pte Ltd (“Inter-Pacific”), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has temporarily suspended Inter-Pacific’s bunker craft operator licence with effect from 27 June 2019 until further notice.

During the period of the licence suspension, Inter-Pacific is not allowed to operate as a bunker craft operator in the Port of Singapore.

(For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com)

Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Circular No.14 of 2019 dated 27 June 2019

Mandatory adoption of mass flow metering system for distillates delivery
Friday, June 28, 2019, Singapore

This circular is to remind the maritime community on the mandatory adoption of MPA-approved Mass Flow Metering (MFM) system for all distillates(1) bunker delivery in the Port of Singapore from 1 July 2019. This requirement was first promulgated on 10 May 2018 via Port Marine Circular (PMC) No.04 of 2018.

Since 1 January 2017, MPA has mandated the use of the MFM system for Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) delivery in the Port of Singapore. With effect from 1 July 2019, it is also mandatory to use MPA-approved MFM system for all distillates bunker delivery. The delivered quantity of distillates to ocean-going ships stated in the Bunker Delivery Note shall be based on the bunker tanker’s MFM system as witnessed by the cargo officer, the chief engineer and bunker surveyor (if engaged).

All MPA licensed bunker suppliers, bunker craft operators, bunker surveying companies and bunker surveyors are reminded to adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of their bunker licences, and the requirements of the Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering (TR 48:2015) for bunker delivery by MFM in the Port of Singapore. MPA will take firm action against any licensee who has acted in contravention of their licences, including suspending or revoking their bunker licences, as appropriate.

(1) Distillates refer to fuel with Viscosity range between 1 and 120 cSt @ 40o Celsius. These include Marine Gas Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (0.1%), Ultra Low and Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil that meets the 0.5% Sulphur requirements.

(For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com)

Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Circular No.15 of 2019 dated 28 June 2019

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