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Markets surge further… amid uncertainty

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John Faraclas

Markets surge further… amid uncertainty

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was up 65 points earlier on today and now stands at 1,446; geopolitical uncertainty coupled with the US$ 250 (USDollarstwohundredandfifty) trillion debt being the stumbling block for Planet Ocean’s prosperity. John Faraclas daily market brief:

The Capes had a triple digit rise of 160 points surpassing the 2,700 threshold with the BCI now standing at 2,717 points!

The Panamaxes’ BPI was up 53 at 1,370 points!

Four points plus for the Supras’ BSI now reading 796 and soon to go over and above the 800 points!

The Handies’ BHSI lost two points and now stands at 439.

All in all the gap from the closing as of the end of Dec 2013 narrows to 801 points (2,247 – 1,446); let’s hope we see the 2,000 points BDI be a reality, but… be cautious!

The Box Trades needs more consolidation and with the 2020, scrubbers and all that jazz expect an upheaval there… Containers in trouble… can you believe this!

The Wets with mixed feelings and minor changes; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 679 – minus one and 543 plus four points respectively.

The WTI fell US$ 2,74 to US$ 56.25 – that’s something eh! But…

The Geopolitics remain perplexed whilst many thought that the G20 could have given Planet Ocean something better…

White smoke from the European Union were Ursula von der Leyen becomes the European Commission’s president. Let’s see what the German Defence Minister can do! She’s also the first woman ever to hold this job!

Another woman, Christine Lagarde gets the “money” job as head of the ECB – European Central Bank… Hmm! It remains to be seen how she performs… I wasn’t very much pleased with her performance at the IMF…

Charles Michel replaces Donald Tusk as European Council president. Many feel that the young charismatic Belgian can hold the balance… in an uneven Europe…

Good to have Kira Peter-Hansen, the young Danish elected in the European Parliament. At 21 she’s also the youngest MEP!!

We are now expecting who will be the European Parliament president!!

The Migrants issue remain the most urging one and we expect more trouble world-wide. We urge the Politicians, Diplomats and serious NGO’s to come down to their senses before we all come down to our knees and rectify this mess. We reiterate the view that only a naval Blockade, with a Mandate and Rules of engagement all over the Mediterranean and Black Sea can do the trick; all the rest are nonsense and ultra-hype behaviour. Shame!

Meantime, the German captain of the “Sea Watch 3”, the charity vessel who disembarked 40 migrants in Italy’s Lambedoussa island, was cleared from the Italian Court. Let’s see what Captain Carola Rachete does next… Italy’s interior minister Salvini was categorical saying the incident was an act of war, a piracy and obviously outlawed…

Nothing will change in the faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa if the UN and UN’s Security Council  remains like Prometheus in Bounds…

Turkey is a county wishing in 2019 to upturn everything its president dreams off! CAUTION. I guess the day of reckoning is very near for Turkey…

Greece’s parliamentary elections this coming Sunday the 7th of July will be a midsummer’s night dream for many. Watch this space… One thing is for sure: the current ruling party, that is SYRIZA, MUST leave… Too much hype… Time please Mr. Tsipras.

BREXIT comes  as a second …”preference”  amongst British  people; the first and foremost being who becomes leader of the Conservative Party and that he remains a responsible person avoiding the temptation for grants, tax cuts and new billion value projects… controlled spending is the buzz word…  I believe as things stand in the European Union, the UK can do better outside, unless the mainland Europeans get their act together. Let’s be fair! Mind me, I am a pro-European but also given until now Brussels performance, CANNOT accept the EU’s stance in many issues – take for example Brussels soft attitude versus Turkey bullying Greece and Cyprus… Any comment please?  AND what about the opposition that Mr. Corbyn leads… Can he proceed further? Meantime we hear that Business in the City and elsewhere face questions over their ecological credentials… Climate change will hit hard, believe you me! On the sunny side of the news: good to know that City senior females are being encouraged  to lead business going public by 2025! Hope WISTA-UK  gets involved too. It’s about time given that this year, next week in particular, WISTA UK celebrates its 45th Anniversary at the IMO with a major celebration!

Tough times ahead in Hong Kong; CAUTION!

A good day for stocks as the USA and China re-open talks; what a rally that was eh! Let’s hope for the commodities and conversely for shipping! Did I hear you say Huawei… eh! What “change” in attitude..

Iran “begun” to breach uranium cap thus violating the 2015 agreement…CAUTION…

TAKIS’ Menia Kouli addressing the journalist faithful and curators Guy Brett and Michael Wellen

On another tone and note we attended two great events today; the TAKIS at TATE Modern and the Seahorse Club’s Summer Party…

TAKIS’ unique exhibition at TATE Modern for the Media and Press was beyond the norm; can’t find a powerful word above the “spectacular” to credit this event. This press view for TAKIS’ 70 plus year-career with 70 plus works, the largest exhibition in the United Kingdom included some rarely-seen Magnetic Fields installations, musical devises generating resonant and random sounds and forests of his pivotal Signal. And what about the Radar who plays both for TAKIS and Shipping as well as Aviation – that we thoroughly cover, a more than an important role.

A view from the curators tour

We were taken by surprise and also felt pride for a fellow Greek who, despite his absence, he was there for all of us!  I am sure the thousands of visitors until the 27th of October will meet the sculptor’s magnetism, light and sound at its best… beyond our galaxy and their lives will be definitely transformed! At the third floor of TATE’s Modern in seven rooms, TAKIS is being glorified transmitting rare messages to all… Over 70 media and press experts were there and we will revert soon with a full write up compiled from our three-members strong team.

Many congratulations to Menia Kouli, TAKIS’ director of Public Affairs and the team from TAKI comprised from the development manager Alexandros Antonopoulos, archivist Liza Proestaki, creative director Fay Zervos, photographer Elias Nakoudis and general manager Yiorgos Nakoudis. Very touching to see Guy Brett the famous critic and curator and above all a close friend of TAKIS with his daughter as well as Michael Wellen  – who also spoke and did the Curator’s Tour… and Helen O’ Malley!  Excellent organisation and a very friendly atmosphere from Ruth Findlay, the Chief Communications Manager at TATE and Daisy Mallabar and their respective teams.

A view inside Cantina Del Ponte

Now what a Summer party that was by the Seahorse Club a couple of hours ago at the Cantina del Ponte off Tower Bridge overlooking Father Thames!

Over 120 journalists attended from all over the world! A well organised event generously sponsored by  Lloyd’s Register in a very jovial atmosphere and a good cause to support like all past events – summer and winter ones Transaid charity!

Excellent food and plentiful of cold …spiritual drinks on a lovely evening with 25C and early evening breeze. the sunset was beyond spectacular, apocalyptic too!

Seahorse Club chairman David Owen with Lloyd’s  Register Nicola Good

A great raffle with over 30 prizes where some were more than lucky but generous too. Above all its a great gathering meeting old colleagues and meeting newcomers at journalism’s most important sector: Shipping in its entirety!

Remember journalists in Shipping work more than around the clock; they work 48/7 !!!

Thanks David Owen and his Seahorse team for organising the event as well as Lloyd’s Register Nicola Good for the sponsoring thoughts!

l to r: Janny Kok, NI’s Bridget Hogan and WISTA-UK president Sue Terpilowski

Wishing all a happy summer and see you all again at the LISW2019 on the 9th of September ! Recharge your batteries!

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from dangers and actions emanating from Pirattes, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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