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White Paper: Avoid In-Transit Loss

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White Paper: Avoid In-Transit Loss

Gain Competitive Edge with End-to-End Multimodal Supply Chain Visibility

As supply chain networks feel the impact of things outside their control, such as consolidation, tightened capacity and rising carrier costs, shippers seek strategies to eke improvements where they can. We will dispel myths that thwart supply chain visibility adoption and then move to manufacturing supply chain benchmarking metrics commonly used to assess performance against peer organizations. We will demonstrate the reasons organizations must prioritize deploying supply chain visibility solutions. Adopting an end-to-end, multimodal visibility solution not only helps reduce costs—detention, demurrage and On Time in Full (OTIF) penalties—but also reduces risk, lowers network capital and boosts a company’s agility, reputation for on-time delivery and customer/partner satisfaction. These benefits are all achievable through the “value of knowing”—knowing where goods in transit are, and having confidence in Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), enable better decisions and results.

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