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The Markets, the Bottom Line: the BDI down to 1,788 points.-

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John Faraclas

The Markets, the Bottom Line: the BDI down to 1,788 points.-

Whatever you see, read, hear or imagine one thing is for sure: the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) is down 24 points today and 149 since last week’s closing of 1,937. Geopolitics in complete jeopardy; John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recaps:

The Capes and the Panamaxes lead the fall; the BCI lost 42 points earlier on today and now stands at 3,492; on a weekly basis the Capes were down 155 points – down from 3,647 losing the 3,500 poin threshold…

The Panamaxes BPI was down 39 points and now reads 1,779 and on a weekly basis same lost 330 !!! points – from 2,109. Again, ultra-caution should be observed!

Down six points for the Supras’ BSI now at 968; 37 points down from last week’s  1,005 points. Not good to witness the loss of the 1,000 points, a level that encourage the lot!

Minor changes for the Handies’ BHSI. On a daily basis the BHSI remained the same at 517 points and on a weekly one there wee two good points plus – up from 515 from last week!

The Containerships trade looks for more consolidation and despite the fact that the box trade is promising with about one billion of TEU’s by 2023 to move around the seven seas, there is the feeling from our side that due to recession, world debt and trade wars that things earnings-wise will go sour… Expect bankruptcies… we might see new ports/infrastructure-wise to accommodate the mega ships which have gone from 10,000 to 22,000 teu’s, but earnings might fell and the belt road will create a mess before same proves to be useless… Caution!

So all in all another falling dry week and wonder what the gurus have to say! It was an odd rise three weeks ago and there wasn’t any sustainability whatsoever. There are rumours of strange events and we are eagerly wait to see what has really happened. The gap between today (1,788)  and that as of the end of Dec 2013 (2,247) widened again to 459 points!!!

The West “falling” too; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 621 – up one  and 467  – up three from yesterday but on a weekly basis minus 13 points and two points  since last Friday’s  634 and 469 points respectively…

The WTI stood at US$ 55.66 down 54 cents since last week’s (26/7) when it stood at US$ 56.20…

The Geopolitical issues remain the same – very perplexed and will revert latter with a full account. In the meantime though, do please make a note on the following, so we open your appetite for the rest of the news before midnight:

The Migrants remains still the number on issue all over Planet Ocean; whatever we have written so far and condemn the politicians, diplomats and their cronies remains in force. We would also like to bring to your attention the fact that Turkey uses another method to make the Cyprus issue – since its invasion in 1974 and now with the sea-invasion with its drill ships, worse by sending Migrants from the Turkish mainland to the northern occupied part of Cyprus and then these people seek asylum in the “borders” / entry points with the legitimate Republic of Cyprus. Any questions Mrs. Merkel and all of you in Brussels? The “trend” with Migrants continues uninterrupted and only – as we have numerous times stressed, a Naval Blockade for the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea, with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement can do the trick; all the rest of ideas and plans is pure nonsense from the morons in Brussels. Indeed we employ irony and we provoke them. Read the real figures and see the harsh reality, a time bomb ticking to explode with despicable and incalculable results, a total mess for all! Enough is enough!

Turkey continues to invade Cyprus’, Greece’s’ and the European Union waters and airspace on a daily basis, be it territorial  waters or EEZ whilst the USA, NATO and the EU – were the bureaucrats in Brussels keep a blind eye, as the danger seems so far away, but in reality is within their own villages, towns, cities and beaches… SHAME! Just wake up before it is too late and nobody will be able to stop a bloodbath…

Turkey must behave as one day the route of history might change yet again; same applies for all its backers who prefer their strategic business interests, than humane peace for the people surrounding Turkey…

The BREXIT saga continues and following the latest by-election result in Brecon and Radnorshire with the Lib-Dems winning this South Wales constituency – were the Conservatives had an 8,000 majority, this might prompt Boris Johnson to go for a snap election… Can he win and have an overwhelming majority as now he has just one with the support of the DUP… We remind you all that neither the UK nor the EU are ready for any BREXIT, be it with a deal or no-deal BREXIT; isn’t a shame…. eh???? Meantime good to see that PM Johnson will put 20,000 more police in the streets; it was about time as crime, crime of any type shores… For the Shipping Industry too we are all worried as there are fresh fears of yet another ferryboat farce as no BREXIT deal will put contracts in spotlight…Only 14 weeks remain for the DoT to put things right and build a panel of providers in time for the deadline… CAUTION! CAUTION for the Pound too as its parity with the USDollar approaches the 34 year low of 1985; remember, and I witnessed on the 31st of May 1985 USDollars equaling £ 500 !!!! What a sharp fall!  Finally: whatever happened to the Labour Party…eh!

In Greece the new centre-right Government tries with enthusiasm to put things right following a period of messy lefty loony policies, above all: safety, security and mainly law and order, needless to say the effort to encourage local and international investments to boost the ailing economy – which will remain until 2060 given the agreement and mandate by Greece’s creditors, an inhumane “deal”. We sincerely hope this to change as nearly 500,000 (half a million) people between 18 to 45 have left Greece – the biggest brain-drain taking on account Greece’s 11 million population! nearly 13 years before on the 4th of October 1972 during my studies One Pound was USDollars 2.25!!! so everything is possible with o without a BREXIT deal as already the economy is in contraction and we all have to pay a hefty penalty during the coming Global Recession – in my humble view we have already entered the recession…

At the other side of the Atlantic we have too many issues; USA’s president  Donald Trump hits out at the Federal Reserve rates cut, continues with more tariffs worth over US$ 300 (three hundred) billion the Chinese products, builds finally the wall to protect the USA from the flow of MIGRANTS, tries his best with Iran and North Korea but will he avoid going to War?  For the Shipping Industry the new tariffs and the continuation of the Trade War with mainly China will further harm the container trade – expect bankruptcies… Also add the fact that the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee approved sanctions on firms that got involved with the Nord Stream Two, the Russian pipeline for gas to Germany…  By the way the pipeline TAP 2 going through Greece from Turkey with Russian oil, gas etc etc will not pass from Greece… Why???

In South America a big issue arise not just for Brazil with the Amazon and all the adjacent countries, but for all over the Planet. Can president Bolsonaro manage and save the situation there? Things will get sour if no action, real action takes place… We can’t just seat and watch a deathwatch…

In Hong Kong the protests continue and that might lead to more unwanted tensions; Beijing might support Carrie Lam but reality bites. Ultra- caution should be observed as prolonging the protests and rioting will lead to a despicable outcome. Tensions also with Taiwan and China following the collision of a Taiwanese freighter with a Chinese warship… CAUTION!

In Russia too there are protests by the opposition and its main leader Alexei Navalny claims he might have been poisoned. Allergic reaction vs. a hypothetical or real poisoning will drag the news further… All in all this protests have to do with the electoral system… Democracy please!

Add now the issues developing in the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and see what you get… CAUTION as after the Crimean annexation things are getting sour with the methods in operation by Kremlin to destabilize all three states; add also the “confrontation” with Norway and Sweden and see what you get. CAUTION!

Africa now: in Sudan looks likely that the current military council running the show and the main opposition have done a deal and will revert on Monday to confirm same…

Still not so good news from Libya though; still mess situation and wonder what’s next as too many are getting involved like in Syria…

Oil on canvas paintings by Maria Paliou-Bahas

On another tone and tone the Chian Expats – Diaspora Chians organised an exhibition of Art Works for the second consecutive year at the Maria Tsakos Foundation; a concept conceived by Galatia Paradisis.

Chian artists presented their work and there was reference of the Chian Art work from the 6th century B.C until today!

Babis Kilaris was the speaker introducing the event too. There was an auction and sale too! Good to see maritime paintings too denoting this specialist profession of the Chians depicted in many paintings too. And what about the wooden ship constructions! These unique boats come from the wood that “arrives” in the shores of Chios… Galatia Tellis collects these pieces of woods and creates boats for gifts adding sails and other apparatus !

Well done Pantelis Bournias and thanks to Galatia Paradisis for her pictures and support!

Galatia Paradisis with Galatia Tellis  next to her constructions – wooden sculpture boats

August is the month for holiday makers all over Planet Ocean and in particular in the north hemisphere… Europe in general has collectively the best resorts from north to south, east and west; and what about those islands… the Med ones in particular…  This year we devote and encourage holidays in the Greek Islands, in all seven Greek Archipelaga… Try the north Aegean with Thassos, Lemnos and Samothrace… a bit to the central Aegean in the Cyclades try Tinos and Naxos, Santorini and Koufonissia or Amorgos… the Dodecanese splendour: Astypalea – the butterfly shaped paradise, Kassos, Karpathos… the north Eastern Aegean with Chios, Psara and Inousses, Lipsi Ikaria and Fourni – don’t miss the holy island of Patmos… Then of course there is the south Aegean with Crete and Gavdos… Moreover on the west of the Greek mainland the green Ionian islands with Othoni, Mathraki and Erikoussa, Paxos and Antipaxos, Zante and Ithaka… Ah! And North Sporades in the north west Aegean with Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos… Ah! Don’t miss the long and narrow island of Greece: Evia and a bit south off north east coast of the Peloponnese and south Saronic Gulf Spetses and Hydra… You can’t miss them… Enjoy your holiday in Greece, the land of the 12 Gods were each one represents something special for humanity; the philosophers, shipping and needless to add the Greek cuisine complemented with special spirits, be it wines, ouzo or masticha! A bit south east …rest Cyprus, an equally Hellenic paradise… Beauty at its best; after all Aphrodite was born there, within the sea off Pahos… Next week more Greek Islands for you… Yasou!

Have a nice evening and get ready for a hot weekend but continue to remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…


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