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BCG: Most Read in Q2

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BCG: Most Read in Q2 

1. The Science of Organizational Change

There’s no recipe to follow when it comes to transformation. But data and analytics make it possible to decode what works, and emerging science offers lessons that can help business leaders turn change into an opportunity.

2Lightening the Mental Load That Holds Women Back

The task of orchestrating and managing the household and family still falls disproportionately on women.

Companies and individuals—both women and men—can help shift the balance.


3. Decoding Digital Talent

What 27,000 digital experts in 180 countries tell us about their mobility and work preferences.




4. Diversity Is Just the First Step. Inclusion Comes Next

Companies can’t capture the real value of a diverse workforce until they create an organizational culture that welcomes everyone—truly everyone—to participate.



5. The Promise and Pitfalls of E-Scooter Sharing

Providers will need to overcome important hurdles to secure their share of this exploding market—and help e-scooters become a staple of urban micromobility.



6. The Next Frontier in Digital and AI Transformations

To win the upcoming battle for supremacy in digital and artificial intelligence, companies must transform into butterflies rather than train to be faster caterpillars.



7. The Company of the Future Winning the ’20s

Today’s organizations were designed for stability.

Tomorrow’s must accommodate change and uncertainty—by accelerating learning, combining people and machines, leveraging ecosystems, and continually evolving.


8. How Asset Managers Can Win in a Winner-Takes-All World 

Having dealt with a tough 2018, asset managers still face an uncertain economic future.

It’s time to fortify defenses and prepare for opportunities.




9. The Neuroscience of Adult Learning: A Talk with Phillip Campbell

The cognitive scientist believes that in the digital age, company-supported lifelong learning is critical for companies, executives, and workers alike.



10. Why Agile Works  

Getting optimal results from agile requires a commitment to clarity that is critical yet uncommon.




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