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John Faraclas

Further Market losses and crucial Geopolitics testing our patience; CAUTION!

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was down 40 points to 1,734 thanks to the Capes’ triple-digit fall. Geopolitics are not just testing our patience, they are more than messy. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI lost 178 points and now reads 3,302… The triple digit fall looks to continue; CAUTION!

The Panamaxes’ BPI surprise surprise was up six points and now reads 1,759…

Three points lost for the Supras’ BSI now at 956 points.

No change for the Handies’ BHSI still at 519 points.

The Wets once again with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 617 points – the same as yesterday and 501 – plus 12 respectively.

The WTI was down US$ 1.06 to US$ 53.63…

Geopolitics going worse:

Still the MIGRANTS maintain the top position of all other issues put together due to its multiple and perplexed issue as well as with the incompetent politicians and diplomats to break the deadlock with those “hidden” and “secret” centres who wish to see the social cohesion broken so to have their gains… This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a reality; end of the story! Once again we repeat our position for the urgent need in imposing a Naval Blockage, with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement all over the Mediterranean and Black Seas; no other remedy can work, end of the story! Meantime we learn a lot of the actions taken at the other side of the Atlantic by USA’s president Trump – the Wall with Mexico, penalties etc etc…

The faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa  with four to five main spots produces havoc, one of the issues is the MIGRANTS mentioned above. The other being the Turkish aggression in the East Med Cyprus and Greece, the Balkans  – Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and deep-in in  the Middle East Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Kurdistan, Iran and north Africa – see the Turkish Libyan “affair” and see for yourself how one can halt this despicable Turkish aggression. We are not surprised as Turkey is already a pariah nation and its leader’s appetite is to create a New Ottoman Empire at the expense of all in the region…  Can we trust Turkey as a NATO ally? See the S-400 and the F-35’s issue and have your say. The entire free world wonders why the USA and in particular its president doesn’t give an end and strikes-out Turkey completely given its love affair with the West’s and NATO’s arch enemy Russia and its likes, eh! Equally the European Union is about time to leave aside its theatre of absurd policy oversighting Turkey’s violation into two EU nations – Greece and Cyprus, Territorial Waters, EEZ etc etc as well as the increasing daily violation of their airspace being also that of the EU.  Shame!

Europe is in a total mess particularly financial mess; Italy, France and the mighty Germany are in trouble. Nobody wants to accept the problems and that we are not just heading for a recession, WE ARE IN A RECESSION! Wonder how Italy will survive given its debts and a not so pragmatic budget as the EU wants something more… France too despite the tone on wold stage, France has many problems to tackle. As for the mighty Germany mentioned above, oh well, it’s a boomerang for the Germans and it was about time to learn… not just to strangulate Greece whilst the German economy in reality is worse off… Spain and Portugal are trying too… see the former Eastern Block countries who joined the EU in what state of affairs they stand…

Ah! Here comes BREXIT, the issue which will give the  final shot to Planet Ocean’s already bankrupt economy with its US$ 250 trillion debt.  No one officially knows within the United Kingdom and in the EU of what is gone to happen given the current political philosophy of action and attitude of the current British PM. Is it something we, the billions on Planet Ocean we don’t know and he knows best? There so many scenarios within the UK and Europe that at best is not to laugh, not to cry, but feel pity for those who govern the European Union which at present includes the United Kingdom. Above all, and as we have numerous times written, neither the UK nor the EU are ready for an amicable or non-deal BREXIT…worth noting that many Tory MPs including the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC and a former Attorney General – whom views we heard on 18th of July at the “BREXIT: what does the future hold” in a Parliament  gathering organised by the Young Conservative Group for Europe and ONNED UK (Νew Democracy of Greece Youth section),  Sir Nicholas Soames  might try and raise the prospect of a unity government to stop the chaos and a ultra cash-out damaging the UK if the present PM’s thoughts and un-readiness prevail. CAUTION!! The pound isn’t having a comfortable time at all… AND have a “walk of fancy” in the high street and see what’s up there… AND the USA awaits to offer a deal after a BREXIT with the worse terms for the then desperate United Kingdom… AND then you have the backstop with Ireland and Northern Ireland feeling uncomfortable; AND Scotland… AND, AND… CAUTION!! Festina lente!!!

In Moscow, Russia the opposition demos continue on  independent candidates electoral right to stand calling also for transparent Moscow elections, in which several people were injured.  But these  demos have nothing to do with those we witness in the West despite the Constitution of 1993… Watch this space and in particular young Olga Misik “branded” as the Russia’s “Tiananmen teen”…

A bit south east in the wider Subcontinent, we are faced yet with another major and long standing issue: Kashmir and the loss of status there as the Indian Government revoked Article 370… The State of Jammu and Kashmir had a so to speak significant autonomy – what an important greek word eh!  We advise CAUTION as India and Pakistan can become thoughtless and play even with their nukes… After 1948 and also the 1972 war in the subcontinent between India and Pakistan and the creation also of Bangladesh as well as the many Kashmir crises we are feeling uncomfortable with the coming one! CAUTION!

Nearby the Straits of Hormuz MUST BE FULLY PROTECTED under the Freedom of Navigation “rules”… we remind all sides that today we all can monitor any region on Planet Ocean were our ship ply and we can have fist hand evidence who violates whom and mainly who provokes whom… Iran and the USA must end this situ as they put seafarers at risk and then the wrath of seafarers’ family members will be unstoppable… We had enough and still have with the Somali etc etc affair and the seafarers world will react with a ferocity unimaginable event to the experts if crew members are detained…

Mind the Hong Kong protests as these might lead to despicable reactions from both sides. Chine delivered its strongest warning that it is dangerous to play with fire as same will backfire! Ms Carrie Lam is not resigning but she must do something before it is too late. The general strike was a success but hopeful results and action must be taken to avoid the crash..

Another 14 dead in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan amid peace talks; the Taliban accepted that they have done it. A deadly explosion, classic behaviour. It’s now 18 years of this conflict and let’s hope both sides’ efforts lead to peace. Enough is enough and both the USA and the Taliban must use their brains to avoid worse happenings which continue to affect the world at large given the MIGRANTS coming over to Europe as people cannot stand the situation anymore!

At the other side of the Atlantic in the USA and following the massacre in El Paso and Dayton let’s see what president Trump gains from his visit there and what the public secures as this is not on anymore.  There calls in Congress from the Democrats asking the Republican to help legislate a gun law to protect the public before it is too late; the USA is once again a nation on the edge, currently mourning its innocent dead lost in a despicable double massacre. Will eagerly await to see what’s next with the Gun Law! President Trump has too many issues to tackle, both domestic and international and this was the last thing he wanted… The Iranian, North Korean, China, European, wider Middle Eastern/ Eastern Med and other issues are more than demanding and his full attention is very much needed…

The Trade War between the USA and China, the Tariffs and all that jazz continues and this already affects the markets and will greatly affect the shipping markets in particular with Containerships being in trouble; CAUTION!!!

Africa continues in mess at all fronts – Sudan, Libya, Nigeria to mention but a few hot spots. The proxy political, trade and industry wars continue…

Finally wonder how many have inked their diaries to attend the WISTA International event which takes place this year in the Cayman Islands between the 29 October to the 1st o November 2019! Lets make it a record over the 500 (five hundred) platform and also enjoy these beautiful and picturesque place. Log on to its website or email Sherice.Arman@maples.com , the WISTA Cayman Islands president.

That’s all for tonight and we will revert tomorrow with more news; until then remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…


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