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John Faraclas

Are Capes about to floor-down the Dry Market…?

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 74 points earlier on today and now stands at 2,192 points – for a second day below the “famous threshold” as of the end of Dec 2013 when it stood at 2,247 points. Geopolitics in uncharted waters. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI fall was back to the wild three-digit days; it clocked 258 points and now reads 4,136 points. Will same go under the 4,000 points threshold? We shall see…

The Panamaxes’ BPI fall was close to yesterday’s (-32); today it lost 37 points and now stands 2,052 – again will same go under the 2,000 point-threshold..?

The Supras’ BSI survived following a stagnation yesterday; today the BSI was up four points to 1,296 points – the only size with a plus prefix..

The Handies’ BHSI stayed put at 691 points a level with max/min +/- 2 points for a while…

So whatever happened to the Dry market surge over the last month, eh??? Let’s see what the analysts say…

We believe that luck of liquidity in this new era of recession all over Planet Ocean and the threats of War in many – at least seven areas is the real cause of this strange market phenomena coupled with the Trade Wars… CAUTION!

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 795 – plus 18 and 448 – minus three points respectively.

The WTI was slightly up to US$ 58.19 from US$ 58.11 (18/9) .

The Geopolitical environment couldn’t be worse:

The MIGRANTS dominate the main news all over Planet Ocean with governments on purpose keeping a blind eye; S H A M E!!!! When the shit hits the fan I will tell you…

The faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa with six focal /flushy points gets worse with the addition of the Iran and Saudi Arabia escalating mess following last weekends attack at the Saudi Arabia Aramco installations… Already the region expresses its concern with the Iraqis being very worried… CAUTION…

The East Med gets worse with Turkey stirring up Peace in the entire region, bullying Cyprus’ and Greece’s EEZ not to mention territorial waters as well as trying to stir-up the Balkans too to destabilise for its own reasons the region AND Northern Africa – see Libya!!! All Warmongers stand by Turkey’s appetite… SHAME and CAUTION! Remind you that this coming Saturday is the International Day of Peace and wonder how many “pacifist” leaders can face the mirror…

Still deadlock in Israel following these incoclusive elections; lets see if unity has its day and a wider coalition but sensible government appears. CAUTION!!!

The EU – European Union is in total disarray over many issues and in particular over the BREXIT mess. In the United Kingdom the closure of the Parliament raises too many issue on how Democracy works in the House of All Parliaments as Parliament is known following the 1993 2,500 years of Democracy and the Greek Trireme’s visit on Father Thames!! Time will tell who is trying to shut-up Democracy. In the meantime, in our view 90 (ninety) centum of everything is NOT ready for post BREXIT with or without a deal… Brace for despicable events by the end of October, unimaginable things might happen if politicians don’t come down to their senses bringing the public down to its knees – but NOT themselves! Expect a new era… Tough times lay ahead! Political earthquakes from Right to Left!

At the other side of the Atlantic the Fed pumps money to the banks and conversely to the US economy… Watch this space….

The Trade Wars and in particular the one between the USA and China continues…

The North Korean issue is still on the cards….

India and Pakistan have a lot to do for peace in Kashmir

Japan is closely watching developments…

Meantime we wonde what policy Putin’s Russia will follow… An enigma for many!

Tomorow all over Planet Ocean there will be a Global Climate Stike!! Millions of children will be on the march! Excellent!!!

“Tomorrow” all on Planet Ocean will be different!

On another tone and note, the 14th Athens Stock Exchange Road Show in the British Capital was yet another success; over 600 one to one meetings took place with 31 listed companies, over 100 funds and 140 analysts… Let’s hope that in this blur environment there is a ray of business hope and investment for Greece; the omens are favourable… The Roadshow was supported by eight golden sponsors – Alpha Finance, ΒΕΤΑ Securities, Eurobank Equities, Investment Bank of Greece, NBG Securities, PANTELAKIS Securities, Piraeus Securities and Morgan Stanley the investment bank.

That’s all for tonight; more news tomorrow Friday with the daily and weekly recaps. Have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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