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Adnavem celebrates two years and continues to grow

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Adnavem celebrates two years and continues to grow

Many companies are looking to find a more efficient and sustainable way of handling transports. Many of them are ready to change their way of working, structural and organizational, to create a modern, effective and more reliable supply chain.

“We see an increased number of companies joining Adnavem which shows that more and more companies are looking for new modern ways to purchase transports”, says Andreas Wramsmyr, founder and CEO at Adnavem.

From a transport buyer perspective

By having direct contact with the logistics suppliers, transport buyers experience more efficient communication as well as a lower cost. They also gain more control by choosing from the very best supplier suited for their specific.

“To simplify and give transport buyers the control and transparency they deserve is the core objective of our tech company. Five years ago, it would have been too early, there was simply not enough data to create the product. Five years from now had been too late, by then I believe that by then the new logistics ecosystem is defined,” says Andreas Wramsmyr.

Adnavem was founded in September 2017 by Andreas Wramsmyr, Linda Gårdlöv and Mattias Sundström. The name is Latin and means “to the ship”.

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