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September ends with the BDI down @1,823 points; Geopolitics still perplexed!

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John Faraclas

September ends with the BDI down @1,823 points; Geopolitics still perplexed!

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) fell 34 points and now stands at 1,823… The Geopolitical situation all over Planet Ocean gets worse. John Faraclas daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI was down 69 points and now reads 3,269…

The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 38 points and now reads 1,766 losing the 1,800 threshold…

The Supras “steadily” losing another dozen points and now the BSI stands at 1,248; the Supras’ lost lately is more or less the same, about 10 to 12 points…

The Handies were down too with the BHSI at 688 – down two.

The Wets on the up yet again; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 961 – plus 26 and 468 – plus three points respectively.

The WTI fell to US$ 54.07 approaching the level as of the beginning of September when it stood even down at US$ 53.94 (03 Sept). Let’s hope we see same at US$ 49.99…

The Geopolitics continue to be perplexed with the MIGRANTS issue leading the way. Over the weekend and today many more crossed over from Turkey to Greece – mainly to the Greek Islands.

Despite meetings and meeting in Greece and Europe, despite criticism from the Greek opposition former ministers, NOTHING will deter Turkish president Erdogan’s plan to send them over. The measures and way to tackle MIGRANTS and those already in Greece is totally wrong as those involved are ignorant, fully incompetent and unfit and cannot see further than their nose… The latest mess in Moria at the Greek Island of Lesvos full support our views! We provoke them for a live debate on any A1 TV station.  Shame!!!

The entire Med and the faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa continues to get worse. Caution.

BREXIT might cause mess to all as it seems somebody is calling a fast one both to the United Kingdom and Europe. One day the World will find out the true story about BREXIT and who is hiding behind the curtains. A very perplexed story which now glorifies Mrs. May’s efforts.

The European Union has and MUST re-invent itself before it is too late.

At the other side of the Atlantic US president Trump has a lot to do to avoid impeachment. He has also a lot to do with Iran, North Korea and the Trade Wars particularly with China; what a parade that was in Beijing AND what a message for the people of Hong Kong. A very delicate situ which might lead to bad news soon…

Moreover the environmental situ for all companies worldwide is an issue and in particular for Shipping. We believe though that 2020 wont wok as the majority of the ships will not comply and it will be high drama on the high seas!!! Those clever dicks must apologise live on TV!!! The 2020 is a big scum the way it goes and proves this medium’s worries! It will be an excellent and profitable business for lawyers!!!

l to r: Stelios Halkias, Dapne Anghelidis and Fabian Garabato

On another tone and note the 50th Anniversary of Agencia Maritima Intercontinental at the La Argentina restaurant north Athens was more than a successful and touching event.

Nearly sixty companies with respective representatives or in person attended; the hot Argentinian dips:  a wow and Argentinian wine a splash to raise the spirits. Excellent networking too and a very international guests attendance!

A very touching Thank You speech* by Daphne Anghelidis, a strong supportive WISTA-Hellas members presence – Daphne is also WISTA Argentina’s newly elected president and participates to many WISTA events worldwide, a strong Chios presence too and great to see old friends and clients from the past firm and talkative there!

Many Congratulations and we wish her as well as her husband and partner at the AMI all the very best and look forward for their centennial!!! Life expectancy is here to stay!

*The speech in full:

A strong WISTA presence

“Dear Customers and Friends,

It is a great honour for Fabian and myself to receive you today.

We are very proud to have reached this milestone.

50 years have passed since my father founded the company and we still cannot believe we are now celebrating with all of you here, in Athens, where my father, Nicholas Anghelidis, was born and raised.

Nico has always been a fighter, since he was very young he suffered hunger and loss in his own country, and at the age of 18 he embarked bound Argentina to find new horizons and build a new life to help his family. Once in Argentina he was employed in different jobs, until he joined his uncle’s shipping agency, where his shipping career started and has never again stopped.

Almost everything I know about Shipping I learnt from him. Long ago I was a small girl and the Captains called at home to our private telephone number and talked to me with strange words like ETA RECALADA and NOTICE OF READINESS and VESSEL, and PORT, and ANCHORED, and ROSARIO, BAHIA BLANCA, NECOCHEA and all messages were signed by the same person, MASTER.

l to r: Anny Zade, Dimitris Lekanidis and Anna-Maria Monogioudis

So I grew up learning every day about ships, ports, crew members, which lead me to study Shipping Administration and work in my father’s company.

Fabian and I met at the university, so shipping has always been a very important part of our life in common.

My father founded the company in 1969 and since then he was continuously granted service to the Greek shipping companies, feeling his PATRIDA very closed to him, always sticking his core values of honesty, loyalty, sincerity and the best advice for each situation. Some of you have met Nico and know what I am talking about.

Before leaving us, Nico asked Fabian to keep the company open, to continue the activity. And this is what we are trying to achieve every day.

We have received his legacy and we embody it every day. This meeting is a small tribute to Nico, to his hard work, to his huge efforts to build his company and his family, always transmitting his values.

We are today thanking all of you for your invaluable support. We thank you for trusting us, for trusting our company, for trusting our advice. We thank you for accepting this proposal since the first moment we visited you and offered our services. For us, your support is extremely important, mainly because you allow us to continue Nico’s legacy and hard work.

Daphne Anghelidis delivering her speech; to her left her husband Fabian Garabato

We thank each and everyone of you for your excellent cooperation with our company. Thank you for being here today.

We look forward to continue this relationship with all of you, we will always maintain our usual commitment and values, KAI NA TA EKATOSTISOUME!!!!!

I would like to especially thank the presence of Mr Dimitris Lekanidis, pediko filo tou patera mou, itan mazi tou stous proskopous

My aunt Nina Anghelidis, sister of my father

Mrs Mary Abatzoglou, I opoia eirthe stin Argentini me ton patera mou sto idio plio, san metanastes, and her whole family, for always helping me in Athens

Mr and Mrs Stelio and Tina Halkias, filoi tou patera mou gia polla chronia.

All my WISTA sisters who have supported me from the day one. WISTA is a very valuable association and for me it means a lot to be accompanied today by them.”

What a down to earth Thank you speech that was!!

We were priviledged to have Daphne Anghelidis live; here she goes in sort video by Anna Zade replying to a couple of questions as well as for the event ealier on tonight:

That’s all for tonight, have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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