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Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Ballast water analysis
Thursday, October 3, 2019, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

From 1 October, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Meteorology & Environment Protection (GAMEP) has implemented a regulation at Yanbu Industrial Port for ballast water sampling. This regulation applies to all the vessels arriving Yanbu Industrial Port in ballast condition for loading operations.

Prior to discharging the ballast water, the agent of the vessel will be fully liable to arrange the sampling through GAMEP approved surveyor. The analysis of samples shall be done either on board or at the surveyor’s lab – whichever is convenient to avoid any delays in vessel’s cargo operation. After the analysis, the agent is required to submit the final report to GAMEP.

This regulation was implemented in August 2017 by Saudi Aramco for their own controlled terminals but now it is mandatary for all the terminals that are not under jurisdiction of Saudi Aramco.

For information about operations at Yanbu, contact GAC Saudi Arabia at yanbu@gac.com

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