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Trump’s unmet economic promises, Making Europe competitive

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USA’s president Donald Trump

Trump’s unmet economic promises, Making Europe competitive

Thursday 14 November 2019 – Vol.10 Ed.46.3

Commentary: Trump’s unmet economic promises

By Desmond Lachman in Washington

President Donald Trump is adamant the US economy has never performed better than under his stewardship – the economic data tell a different story, and reveal the high cost of his trade wars and repeated attacks on globalisation. Despite the substantial tax boost the US economy received in 2017, it has grown at only a marginally faster rate than under President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, the economy has developed a twin budget deficit and trade deficit problem that threatens longer-run growth prospects.

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Meeting: Making Europe competitive – Meeting the capital needs for Europe’s firms in the 21st century


Tuesday 3 December, Paris, 18:30-21:30 CET

This roundtable in Paris will address how capital market liquidity can be deepened in Europe, the role the UK could continue to take after Brexit, and how regulation and supervision can be better aligned.

Key speakers include Robert Ophèle, chair of France’s stock market regulator, and Edward Llewellyn, the British ambassador to France.

Request to attend the meeting.



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