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Awareness raising initiative by HELMEPA and Potentia

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Awareness raising initiative by HELMEPA and Potentia

The 5 seminars on “Empowering the Seafarer: Learning & Developing Soft Skills” of Potentia, which HELMEPA included for the first time in the Association’s 2019 training program, were successfully completed. Each seminar’s duration was 3 hours with changing topics. The aim was to enhance the soft skills of staff employed in shipping companies or on board vessels.  Presented topics included development of communication skills, leadership, speaking in public, stress management and sensitization on cultural and business issues in the workplace.

On completion of each seminar, participants evaluated as “Highly Satisfactory” the quality of topics and their presentation by filling out a special questionnaire. 83% of participants expressed their satisfaction for the 5 seminars and their successful implementation.

Many thanks Potentia and the contributors of this successful initiative.


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