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Joe J. Angelo receives the 2018 International Maritime Prize!

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What a reaction!

Joe J. Angelo receives the 2018 International Maritime Prize!

I was more than honoured to be present to this award for a man whom I know for years, his life being interwoven with the Shipping Industry in all sectors, particularly with tankers. Joe J. Angelo was the former Deputy Managing Director of INTERTANKO and was nominated for this award by the United States of America and INTERTANKO, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners.

A full house of delegates, but also family and friends were present. And what a reaction that was when we received the Award!  And what a standing ovation that was; never ever before I have witnessed such an applause!

Here follows his remarks at the IMO maritime Prize ceremony:

“Secretary General, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Colleagues and Friends

I am humbled to stand before you to receive the 2018 IMO International Maritime Prize. I thank the US Coast Guard and INTERTANKO for nominating me and the IMO Council for selecting me to receive this tremendous honor.

…and what a standing ovation that was

I first came to IMO in 1980 to attend the 13th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee. Coincidentally, that was the inaugural year for this prestigious award which was bestowed upon Mr. Modolv Hariede of Norway. I never imagined that 39 years later I would be standing here to accept the same award.

Over the past 39 years there have been significant improvements in the safety and security of international shipping and the protection of the marine environment through the work of IMO. I am pleased to have played a very small part in these important improvements. But, any contribution that I made would not have been possible if it were not for those IMO leaders who came before me and helped me and mentored me during my early years at IMO.

Although there were many, I would like to mention four that were instrumental in having a major influence in my career at IMO.
1. Admiral Bill Kime of the US, a former Commandant of the US Coast Guard, who sent me to my first IMO meeting and counselled me on making sure that to develop strong relationships of trust with other delegates;it is through trust that you can resolve various issues

2. Emil Jansen of Norway, he was Chairman of the Marine Environment Protection Committee and later, Chairman of the Maritime Safety Committee, who encouraged me to listen to those who had positions contrary to mine to help me formulate compromise solutions; help formulate compromises to reach solutions at IMO.

3. Dr. Lorenzo Spinelli of Italy, a Chairman of the Maritime Safety Committee, who urged me to come to IMO not only with issues but with with proposed solutions to the issues and help others achieve solutions to their issues; and

4. Yoshio Sasamura of Japan, a Director of both the Marine Environment and Maritime Safety Divisions of IMO and an Assistant Secretary General of IMO, who taught me to learn from my mistakes – he pointed them out and he helped me learn and there were many.

Each of them, in one way or another, played an important role in guiding and assisting me with sage advice during my early years at IMO. Although they are not here today, I thank them.

With the Commandant of the USCG Admiral Karl L. Schultz, family and friends

It has been my distinct privilege to work side-by-side with many exceptional delegates from around the world over the past 39 years – all coming together to create solutions which have resulted in crucial improvements to maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment. I am proud to have been a part of the progress we made together.

There is one other person I must thank today and that is the most important person – my lovely wife, Mary. She supported me throughout my 290 trips to London and more than 100 trips to other places around the world. Without her support, encouragement and understanding, I would not be standing here today.

No I do not have a second family in London this is the only family I have
Thank you.”


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