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Bureau Veritas Hellenic Marine Technical Committee celebrates its 20-years anniversary.

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The Members of the 31st Hellenic Marine Technical Committe of Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas Hellenic Marine Technical Committee celebrates its 20-years anniversary.

Piraeus, December 10th, 2019

The 31st Hellenic Marine Technical Committee Meeting of Bureau Veritas Piraeus was held on the 19th of November 2019 at the Yacht Club of Greece. The meeting was hosted by  George Andreadis, Marine Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Greece and was chaired by the Committee Chairman, Mr. George Sarris, President and Managing Director of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A.

l to r: George Andreadis and Nikos Hondos

Over 45 members, primarily the Technical Directors of Greek Shipping Companies along with senior members of the Bureau Veritas office in Greece, were present at the second Bureau Veritas Hellenic Marine Technical Committee for 2019, that this year marks its twenty-year anniversary.

The meeting commenced with the introduction of three new members, Dimitris Koukoumis, Technical Manager of Diligent Holdings S.A.,  Evangelos Tzitzis, Fleet Manager / Technical Superintendent of Interunity Management Corp. S.A. and Fotis Belexis, Deputy Technical Director of StarBulk S.A.

George Andreadis welcomed all the members and subsequently the presentations followed.

l to r: Vasileios Dimoulas, Dr John Kokarakis,  George Sarris, George Andreadis and Bill Stamatopoulos

The round of presentations opened with Gijsbert De-Jong, Marine Marketing & Sales Director of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Division. His presentation entitled “Future Shipping & Environmental Sustainability – 2020 & Beyond” raised the interest of the participants of the Committee and resulted in numerous questions and insightful comments.
The presentation of  Bill Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager South Europe Bureau Veritas Marine Fuel Services, addressed the subject “2020 Fuels: The update from the practice”, providing a complete view of the current situation regarding the compliant fuels and feedback from the market.

l to r: Eleni Letoni, Matthieu De-Tugny and Paillette Palaiologou

The second part of the meeting commenced with Matthieu De-Tugny, President of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Division who addressed the members of the Committee making special reference to the importance of the Greek Shipping Community in the development of Shipping worldwide in terms of shaping the future of the Industry.
The presentations that followed focused exclusively on technical issues.  Vassilis Dimoulas, Technology and Innovation Manager Greece, Cyprus & Malta Bureau Veritas, addressed the subject of Cyber Enabled Ships, presenting both the benefits that emerge from the new technologies and the management of possible threats.

l to r: George Andreadis, George-Paul Perantzakis, Matthieu De-Tugny and George Sarris

Dr John Kokarakis, Technology & Business Development Director of Hellenic, Black Sea and Adriatic Zone Bureau Veritas elaborated on the challenges in the operation and the design of propulsion shafting, raising the interest of the participants.

The meeting concluded with a lengthy and lively discussion which continued during the traditional dinner that followed. Commenting, Mr. Andreadis repeated that ‘The committee is always a great opportunity for industry leaders and its members to exchange views, share their experience and expertise. We are very grateful for the opportunity our committee members provide us to support them in the best possible way. Greece has a significantly important shipowning and shipmanagement community. The exchange of expertise and opinions has proved to be remarkably important in the evolution of our cooperation’ and added ‘The 20 years anniversary of the Hellenic Marine Technical Committee gives us the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past years and at the same time to turn our eyes towards the future and visualize the next 20 years along with the challenges and the opportunities that they bring.”

l to r: Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Panagiotis Vasileiou,
Paillette Palaiologou and Bill Stamatopoulos


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