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How to capture the next wave of value?

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How to capture the next wave of value?

Driving Tomorrow’s Value

What will it take to win in the future?

The Power of Algorithmic Forecasting

Armed with foresight into how conditions will change, a company can take actions to preempt unfavorable outcomes and promote competitive advantage.

Do You Need a Business Ecosystem?
The hype suggests that you do, but ecosystems are not always the way to go. Learn what they are, what sets them apart, their benefits, and their drawbacks.
Achieving Vitality in Turbulent Times
In times of uncertainty and adversity, vitality—the capacity for serial reinvention—is a real competitive advantage. This year’s Fortune Future 50 list, developed in partnership with BCG, reveals the shortlist of companies best positioned to thrive.
Achieving Vitality in Turbulent Times
2019 Value Creators Report
The Superincumbent’s Dilemma
The current value creation environment presents an unprecedented paradox: record-high corporate profitability amidst all-time-low interest rates, conditions that have led to record stock valuations but also ensure that abundant capital is available for funding disruptive insurgents. Superincumbents must find new ways to compete.
Aerospace & Defense: Strong Returns and Expectations for More
The A&D industry is poised for continued growth. The challenge? Valuation multiples have never been higher.
Chemicals: Generating Returns in a Soft Market
Chemical demand weakened last year. Here’s how the winners adapted—and how sustainability impacts the industry.
Machinery: Three Paths to Value Creation
Innovative services, digitization, and operating model discipline—the best performers pursue at least one and sometimes all three.
Mining: Return to Strategy
Building resilience—through profitable growth, productivity, and a commitment to full-cycle planning—is the only reliable way to achieve long-term value creation.
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