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The BDI@772; very odd given the other dry indices performance…

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John Faraclas; photo by Niki Paterakis














The BDI@772; very odd given the other dry indices performance…

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost just one point since yesterday and now stands at 772 points. Geopolitically there is still an uneasy feeling in the air following the USA – Iran exchange of hostile actions… John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ loss was 42 points with the BCI reading 1,155 points…

Minus 18 points for the Panamaxes’ BPI now standing at 785 points; the 800 points threshold has been lost…

Minus 12 points for the Supras’ BSI now at 581…

The Handies’ lost eight points and the BHSI now stand at 418.

Many are those surprised about that one point down today for the BDI when same should have been above 20 (twenty)…

The Wets too on a downward mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,508 – down 12 and 828 – down 29 points respectively.

So it… was the 9th of the month – as the Greeks say on similar cases and everything was red hot down the board !!! CAUTION!

The WTI seems to settle following the USA / Iran melle and now as these lines are being written stands at US$59.57! What a “nice” drop; still we need to see the US$ 49.99 not just for a total correction but reality pricing demand this!

The Geopolitical front remains tensed all over and let’s hope we see some kind of defusion before it is too late:

For a start,  USA and Iran are at loggerheads and it remains to be seen who will strike first in next round of “hostilities”… CAUTION as the entire region – as we have predicted, will not just be on fire, will look like a lunar setting!!!

Moreover there are too many questions with respect the downing of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 just off Tehran airport irrespective “suggestions” that same was “accidental” by Iranian missile(s)… Whatever the outcome: s h a m e!!!

MIGRANTS continue to be a major issue and Greece and in particular it’s Aegean island are in despicable mess. The politicians in Athens and in Brussels are to blame. There stands a dirty plan to brake the social cohesion in Greece especially in its Eastern Aegean Islands. Once again we repeat that only a Naval Blockade, with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement can completely change the situation. Add a hefty penalty for every illegal MIGRANT who crosses over with the assistance of the Turkish Authorities – this penalty has to be paid by Turkey. Every excuse from wherever same emanates is completely nonsense! In Chios from example only 9 (nine) percent are MIGRANTS from war-torn Syria; all the rest come from as far as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and sub-Saharan countries… Enough!

Mind the faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa continues to produce mess. Libya might turn out to yet another messy region and destabilise further Central and East Med region particularly with Turkey’s Erdogan hegemonic vision coupled with hallucinations… East Med with the Oil and Gas drilling and future pipelines will produce tsunamis… Add the ongoing Syrian mess and see what you get… At least Cyprus, Israel and Greece supported by Italy and Egypt are trying to deter the Turkish despicable and totally against international law designs.

Greek MP Kyriakos Mitsotakis does his best at the other side of the Atlantic; awaiting the results of this exceptional visit!

BREXIT and MEGXIT... two new films coming soon in a screen near you…

Indeed the BREXIT issue continues and we eagerly await the final result… The European Union MUST do its best!

In the Far East the North Korean mess and Hong Kong will bother us for a …”while”

South American and Central American nations might go… for auction!! It’s not just a recession. It’s a total bankruptcy there…

Africa must get its act together vis-a-vis corruption and the elimination of the proxy trade wars…

Finally, lets see for how long the bush-fires will destroy Australia AND its environment AND humans AND animals!! Any objection!!!

Ioannis Plakiotakis addressing the congress

On another tone and note what a timely congress that was at the Athens War Museum with IMES’ 12th Shipping Congress on “2020, a wind of change in shipping Finance Green shipping. Do charterers demand or prefer Green Vessels. What are the Shipping Finance alternatives in 2020?”

The event was introduced and moderated by Theodore Chouliaras attracting over 400 guests from all sectors of the shipping spectrum including a great number of youngsters as well as politicians.

Mrs Natassa Pilides’ televideo greeting

Greeces’ minister for Shipping and Insular Policy, the very eloquent Ioannis Plakiotakis  address was food for thought – an interesting recap of his London visit at the IMO’s November 2019 general assembly!

Keynote speaker captain Dimitrios Mattheou

Cyrprus’ deputy minister for shipping address was by televideo due to the adverse weather conditions prohibiting her to fly; Mrs. Pilides was as always brief and to the point.

The keynote address was delivered by Captain Dimitris Mattheou, CEO at Arcadia Shipmanagement, Aegean Bulk and chairman of the Green Award Foundation; an excellent speech as always with pathos too for the environment! Captain Mattheou at his best he touched all issues and with simple slides explained to the 400 strong audience the importance to preserve the environment and in particular the shipping one which is more than vital for the the 7.7 billion who live in Planet Ocean

The first panel; picture by Niki Paterakis

XRTC’s MD Captain George Xyradakis moderated the first panel on Shipping and the Capital Markets. The panel members included a very diverse but also powerful multi age and fleet type members. John Platsidakis – MD at Anangel Maritime Services, Simos Varias from Varship, Aristides Pittas from Euroseas, Dr. Kostas Rokkos ceo at TST int’nal Shipping and Yianni Georgoulas from Ecommbx had a lot to say and reply. Many questions were aired both interpanel ones as well as from the audience. We do need another session time-wise for questions; we were honoured to be given a question and honoured for our presence by the panel’s moderator George Xyradakis. Worth noticing that Aristides Pittas is the fifth generation member of his traditional shipping family; by the way, my late grand-father Captain Michael J. Faraclas was one of the Captains of the Pittas Shipping were amongst other vessels commanded for many years the s/s “Artemis” !

The second panel

The delayed coffee break was more than needed to recharge our batteries before the second and equally important session on Green Shipping; the big emission issue moderated by the supremo in the field Panos Zachariadis, fleet manager at Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management. Zachariadis a more than down to earth speaker and shipping practioner did his best in setting the scene as well as adding and “complimenting” issues so the audience can understand given the fact that at this session the majority were youngsters as many had left for the Vassilopita of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping – not a nice coincidence which leads us to say that on these instances cooperation and mutual advice is paramount… The six-member strong panel consisted of Petros Petkides- ceo at Cetracore-Jetoil, Irene K. Notias – ceo at Prime’s Bunkerplus services, Vassili Tyrogalas, Alexander Prokopakis – ceo at probunkers, Dr. John Kokarakis  from Bureau Veritas and Dr. Nikolaos Liapis – Elinoil. Interesting issues were presented, discussed, debated and explained… Time will tell what’s the optimum for the Shipping Industry and the prevention of Planet Ocean’s Environment !

In our humble view AND opinion there is too much hype vis-a-vis the Environment and the Shipping Industry –  as same stands this very moment, is only liable for the 2,7 (two point seven) centum of global pollution. It is for all other sectors to reduce the emissions and mess of the Global Warming issue et al! We reiterate the view that only if we use the alternative sources of energy things can really change!!

A view of the ten plus stands

At the well prepared light lunch buffet by COWA Facility Management Services  and the Golden Food Concept Catering team we had that extra time to talk to the ten plus stands representatives of shipping and shipping related companies,  meet old and make new connections. Good to see many supporters of allaboutshipping as well as students who read us  – some of which asking for further maritime education in the United Kingdom! Will revert soon with a full update/report from the organisers.

Dionissis Politis, Efi Kollia, Yiannis Megariotis and their colleagues also contributed for the success of this very timely event.

More news on our fist update; until then remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.



















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