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Galley crew prioritise safeguarding against the Coronavirus

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Christian Ioannou, Managing Director

Galley crew prioritise safeguarding against the Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a worldwide issue. As the World Health Organisation has stated, it is uncharted territory. Key to prevention is hygiene, therefore it’s no surprise that MCTC has seen an increase in the number of galley crew signing up to its 10 week distance coaching programme, ‘Safe Food Handling and Nutrition Course’ – a clear indication of the desire to safeguard against the coronavirus.

Christian Ioannou, MCTC’s Managing Director, explains: “The overall advice to prevent the coronavirus is to maintain good hygiene on board vessels. The galley is the central point for spreading germs. Our food nutritionists and technologists regularly visit vessels and find improper practices in the defrosting of food, storing of leftovers, preparing of meals and also in basic food hygiene. The current need to tackle the coronavirus has shone a spotlight on the importance of hygiene, particularly in the galley.”

MCTC issues guidance through its Safe Food Handling and Nutrition Course which covers food safety management and the creation of preventative measures to control identified hazards at every stage of the food supply chain. The course also explains nutritional values and the importance of healthy living. Good nutrition is essential for a strong immune system. MCTC’s experienced team of technologists, nutritionists and culinary training consultants provide the participants with the right skills to ensure the galley crew is in ship-shape hygienically and nutritionally.

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