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Menia Kouli, Director of Public Affairs,Takis Foundation – Research Center for the Art & the Sciences (KETE)

Culture and Art after covid-19 quarantine

Menia Kouli, Director of Public Affairs, Takis Foundation KETE

We are slowly going back to work after the quarantine. Back to our offices but still cannot proceed and operate fully as before. I  think culture and especially contemporary art will face some difficulties over the months to follow, maybe the whole next year. However, we can get over this barrier if all of us who work for arts and culture try hard and adapt to the new after-covid-19 era.

Social media and internet will be the first tools to help us stay close to our audience and to fans of Takis and his work. Takis himself always believed in the power of technology, his work is a combination of art and technology. Adaptation is the word. Adaptation to technological tools to attract even a new audience and especially young people to learn about Takis and his Foundation. He always admired the young people and children and wanted them to come close to his artwork as well as his studies, since he was not only an artist but a scientist as well.

The gardens of Takis Foundation KETE in Athens; photo credits Hlias Nak

Unfortunately, for now we need to suspend the educational programs, visits and guided tours for bigger groups but soon we will come back with new programs designed for smaller groups, to take place outdoors, so to avoid the spread of the virus. The message is one: don’t quit and keep walking.

Another view of the Gardens at Takis Foundation; photo credits Hlias Nak.

The Foundation was launched by Panayiotis Vassilakis (1925-2019), known as Takis, in 1986 to promote knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, and provide services, facilities and support programs for education and contemporary art. Takis was renowned for his kinetic sculptures and other innovatory developments in the arts.


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