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Trier and its River Mosel

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Sunset at River Mosel; picture by Anny Zade

Trier and its River Mosel

Another video lost in perpetuity and found, following two previous ones on Karl Marx and on Saarland’s River Saar during last February’s allaboutshipping team’s tour in support of Inland Waterways, Inland Trade, History and Tourism including Maritime Tourism in Central Europe.

Porta Negra

Trier, is Germany’s oldest City and birthplace of Karl Marx – born there 202 years ago,  where one can see everywhere the Roman legacy, the Roman Baths, the Amphitheatre and the unique Porta Negra – the A to Z of everything, as everything starts and ends there!


Konstantin der Grosse

This historic town with Emperor Constantine the Chlorus’ Throne Room still there – possibly the largest enclosed space from antiquity is also sacred for the Byzantine Greeks as he was the father of Emperor Constantine who together with his mother Helen (Greek)  launched Constantinople and make it the new capital of the Roman Empire.

The River Mosel, The Moselle as it is known, twists and turns its way between the City of Trier and Koblenz along one of Germany’s most beautiful river valleys full of vineyards producing the best Rieslings…

Enjoy the video:

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