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Eco Marine Surveys offers Quality BQS

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Christos Apergis, co founder  and CEO of Eco Marine Surveys

Eco Marine Surveys offers Quality Bunker Service

Eco Marine Surveys is a service company specifically designed to meet the complex needs of the maritime industry, achieving maximum cost-saving, and effective management of non-flexible costs.

We offer bunker quantity survey (BQS) services as well as tailored services to fit the needs of each and every maritime company.

More specifically, our total bunker fuel management services aim at optimizing and where possible minimizing bunker fuel consumption. We perform analysis, consumption monitoring, performance control, and other services together putting effective bunker fuel management in place.

Additionally, we offer services including bunkers remaining on board survey, detective survey (221B), on/off hire and condition surveys.

We continuously aim for what is best for our customers and have the flexibility to take on complicated tasks on shore and off shore.

As a result all our services as a whole offer a comprehensive way of effective management as well as cost-cutting and optimization. Our years of experience in the field guarantee success for our clients.

We serve our customers worldwide and are ready and eager to take on any assignment anywhere.


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