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HELMEPA Annual Report 2019

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HELMEPA Director General, Mr. Dimitris Mitsatsos

HELMEPA Annual Report 2019

On Wednesday, 24 June 2020, the Members of HELMEPA, during their 38th Regular General Assembly, which took place online, approved the Association’s activities in Greece and abroad during last year. Therefore, we have the pleasure to present to you today the Annual Report of 2019, which you may view at the following link https://helmepa.gr/en/2019-annual-report/ and we hope that you find of interest the initiatives we undertook.

Based exclusively on the financial contribution of our volunteer members and their moral support, we tried for yet another year since the founding of HELMEPA in 1982, to contribute towards the change of habits in shipping relating to pollution prevention and safety. Also, to enhance the environmental awareness among the students’ community and the younger generation of Greece. It is a sad fact that our surveys prove on a steady basis that some of our fellow citizens continue to thoughtlessly pollute seas and beaches, when the country’s main inheritance is its marvelous environment that also contributes significantly to the national economy.

Closing, it would be important if those of you who are not yet members, decide to participate in our efforts so that HELMEPA’s non profit-making environmental messages can be voiced louder and to a wider global audience.

We wish you a pleasant summer, safe from C-19.

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