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Oslo Børs: ayfie Group admitted to trading

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Oslo Børs: ayfie Group admitted to trading

07/07/2020 – The IT company ayfie Group has today been admitted to trading on Merkur Market. This July is likely to become the busiest July ever in terms of companies being admitted to listing or trading.

“This is a great time for us to be joining Merkur Market. We have won contracts with several large Norwegian law firms. At the same time we are gaining traction in the US, particularly as the courts are getting back to work after the lock-down,” comments Johannes Stiehler, acting CEO Ayfie Group.

“This is exciting news for us, and I am looking forward to sharing the excitement with our current investors who have just recently supported us with a significant private placement, as well as with new investors that will become part of the ayfie story through the stock exchange,” he continues.

ayfie Group delivers search and text analysis solutions for unstructured data.
“Based on our proprietary technology we have developed and launched unique intelligent knowledge discovery products and search solutions for use in the legal, financial and corporate compliance markets. Our ambition is to grow in our current markets in the Nordics and the US, and then move into new geographical markets as well as new verticals,” comments Siw Ødegaard, CFO ayfie Group.

“July is usually a quiet month for new listings, but this year activity in the primary market is at a record-breaking level. The amount raised during the last few months has been unusually large, and at the same time new companies are flocking to Oslo Børs” comments Øivind Amundsen, the President and CEO of Oslo Børs.

If all the companies applying for admission to trading or listing in July are accepted, July 2020 will be the busiest July ever in terms of companies being admitted to listing or trading. The current record is July 1994 when five companies were admitted to listing, while the last time four companies were admitted to listing in July was 2006.

Ayfie Group recently raised NOK 50 million in new equity through a share issue.
“As a stock exchange, one of our main jobs is to be a source of capital for business and industry, and in recent months it has been a plentiful source of capital – both for new companies and for companies already admitted to listing or trading that need capital in order to grow and adapt”, continues Øivind Amundsen.

About ayfie Group
ayfie Group is an international provider of market-leading search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data. ayfie’s solutions combine linguistics-based natural language processing and modern machine learning to form a unique type of AI to efficiently identify critical insights, conduct smart search and power business intelligence solutions. The company is headquartered in Oslo, and has operations in Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and the US.

About Oslo Børs
Oslo Børs is the central marketplace for listing and trading of financial instruments in the Norwegian market. For over 200 years, we have provided companies access to capital to finance growth, innovation and new jobs.
Our internationally recognized position as a world leader in the energy, seafood and shipping segments attracts listed companies from all over the world.
Oslo Børs is part of Euronext, the largest stock exchange group in Europe with around 1,500 companies listed on markets in six countries.

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