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Northern Shipping Company, Russia Joins WOC

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Northern Shipping Company, Russia Joins WOC


WOC’s Geographic Diversity Continues to Grow with Membership of NSC, Leading Shipping Company from Russia

2 September 2020

Northern Shipping Company (NSC), a 150-year-old company, strengthened its commitment to responsible and sustainable operations by joining the World Ocean Council (WOC) – the Global Blue Economy Business Organization – as the first WOC Member from Russia.

NSC’s membership builds on its participation in the WOC-led Industry Liaison Panel (ILP) of the Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium (ARICE), which is working to develop international collaboration for meeting the needs of marine-based research in the Arctic. The ILP brings together Arctic maritime industry representatives to catalyze science/industry interaction. The panel provides recommendations and support to the EU-funded ARICE project on science and industry cooperation for responsible use of the Arctic.

NSC General Director Yakov Antonov stated, “Our long standing and responsible operation in the Arctic is very natural to the fundamentals of the Blue Economy initiative as it serves to both preserve the marine environment and provide high quality logistical solutions. We are proud to be a part of it.”

Founded in 1870 and headquartered in Arkhangelsk (Russia), Northern Shipping Company is a major shipping company from Northwest Russia providing carriage by sea all around the world including via the Northern Sea Route. Northern Shipping Company operates as a carrier for traditional export of wood, timber products and steel, with trade routes mostly in ex-White Sea and Baltic for Western Europe and the Mediterranean. The company carries out liner services, tramp and multi-modal transportation, delivery of cargo to unimproved port facilities; provides technical management (repair works, supply, ship chandler and storage services); and arranges training of crew members. The NSC fleet has been working traditionally and regularly in the Arctic region making exceptional professional and qualified voyages, taking into consideration hard weather and reliable performance.

WOC Founding President and CEO Paul Holthus added, “The World Ocean Council is thrilled to welcome the 150-year-old NSC on board as our newest member, and the first WOC Member from Russia. The NSC participation in the ARICE Industry Liaison Panel is indicative of the company’s leadership in engaging with other sectors and stakeholders to advance ocean and Arctic sustainable development. We encourage other companies in Russia to join WOC efforts to develop the sustainable Blue Economy.”

The WOC CEO will be speaking at the Arctic Shipping Summit, 2-3 September 2020.

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