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DBTG and FEPORT sign a MoU to intensify their cooperation

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DBTG and FEPORT sign a MoU to intensify their cooperation

Rotterdam, October 6th, 2020

The Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals (FEPORT) and the International Dry Bulk Terminals Group (DBTG) have decided to join forces to raise the profile of  the cargo handling industry and more particularly bulk terminals and to provide an enhanced service to their respective members. FEPORT and DBTG have sealed their commitment to work together by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

Both organizations share common interests in relation to various aspects of seaborne dry bulk commodities e.g. trade, port and terminal handling, interaction with maritime operators (e.g. vessel operators) and hinterland transport operators. Moreover, DBTG and FEPORT have the highest concern for matters including safety, operational efficiency, environmental and technical excellence throughout the logistics chain. This mutual understanding will help to further strengthen their collaboration and, where areas of joint interest have been identified, establish a closer coordination between the Parties.

The co-operation between the two organisations will involve several activities including the exchange of information, the co-ordination of activities and mutual action to address areas of common concerns.

Furthermore, DBTG (supported by CETOA) and FEPORT want to reinforce their position with, towards and within IMO. For this end, the two organisations will be actively working on mutual and joint positions, generating opinions within the circles of our mutual members, associated members that will help us in achieving our goals in our mutual lobbies.


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