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Argentina on the brink – again, Bleaker outlook than officials admit, and more

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Argentina on the brink – again, Bleaker outlook than officials admit, and more


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5-9 October 2020, Vol.11 Ed.39  –

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Argentina on the brink – again: In August, Argentina reached a debt-restructuring deal with private creditors to end its ninth default. But since then, prices of the newly issued government bonds have plummeted and country risk has soared. The country depends heavily on the resumption of economic growth to start reducing its public debt burden. The IMF and its major shareholders have an opportunity to help Buenos Aires adopt comprehensive reforms. If this chance is lost, Argentina may well be headed for its 10th default, writes Pablo Guidotti.

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The US and the international economic crisis: Brent McIntosh, US Treasury under secretary for international affairs, joins Mark Sobel to discuss the Treasury’s efforts to manage the international economic and financial dimensions of the crisis as well as the forthcoming International Monetary Fund-World Bank annual meetings. Listen to the recording.


Infrastructure’s role in the Covid recovery: From sanitation to electricity, infrastructure plays a key role in the economy and environment. Seth Tan, executive director of Infrastructure Asia, and Neil Saravanamuttoo, chief economist of the Global Infrastructure Hub, discuss the G20’s infrastructure agenda and how to promote sustainable infrastructure. Listen to the recording.


Climate risk analysis tools are public goods: There is growing consensus among central banks and regulators that enhanced environmental risk analysis is essential to greening investments and protecting the financial system. ERA methodologies should be public goods. All parties in the financial sector should work together to promote their wider adoption, writes Ma Jun. Read more.


Bleaker outlook than officials admit: Global finance officials will meet virtually next week for the annual International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group meetings. They may breathe a sigh of relief. They shouldn’t. Third quarter rebounds in many countries are running ahead of prior expectations. But there is little room for complacency, writes Mark Sobel. Read more.


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