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A vital publication: “Maritime English for the Shipping Industry”

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A vital publication: “Maritime English for the Shipping Industry”

Maritime English is a core subject for many academic fields such as Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Marine Science, Maritime Technology  and  Informatics and Maritime Business in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Nowadays, proficiency in Maritime English is mandatory for seafarers of all ranks and maritime professionals. The book “Maritime English for the Shipping Industry” has been written with the scope of providing maritime students, cadets, deck officers, and generally all those involved within the shipping Industry with an advanced level of knowledge in Maritime English through texts, vocabulary exercises, case studies, group projects, writing,  speaking and listening exercises.  Although Maritime English and its teaching in all maritime institutes, universities and colleges worldwide is of crucial importance, there is a considerable lack of educational books dealing with it. More and more people worldwide working within the Shipping Industry demonstrate a deep interest in learning this maritime communicative code or improving their level of Maritime English since it is an essential tool of their daily routine in their maritime community. Apart from this, it is widely admitted by all maritime students who have a considerable amount of sea service that by learning to effectively use maritime terminology they acquire the communicative competence required for their operational duties onboard.

The book consequently aspires to become an essential guide for using maritime terms correctly and effectively in the workplace. Its aim is to get learners involved in dealing with maritime situations – both ashore and offshore – thus developing interactive communication activities so that the learners will be able to cope with business situations, to provide a wide range of vocabulary of maritime terms, acronyms, abbreviations and marine fixed phrases, to consolidate the most important maritime business jargon and juxtapositions, to reinforce writing techniques through the development of letters, reports  and emails.

Many congratulations to both authors Maria Ververi* and Sofia Koutsogianni**.

*Maria Ververi holds a bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Udine and also a Ph. D in Comparative Literature from the University of Athens. She speaks English, Italian, French and Greek (mother language). She has been an English teacher for the last 20 years focusing on the English terminology on various scientific fields and more specifically on Maritime English, Business English and English for Tourism. She is a visiting lecturer at the e-learning courses of the University of Piraeus. She has taught for several years at the National School for Public Administration and Local Government, at the Merchant Marine Academy of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy and at various vocational institutes of Ministry of Education and of Ministry of Tourism. Today, she is teaching Nautical Science terminology, Marine Engineering terminology and Maritime Business Correspondence at the Merchant Marine Academy of Metropolitan College of Athens.
She is also author of the following terminology books:
1. English for Greek Ship Stewards, edited by Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marine Ship stewards, Piraeus, 2013.
2. Learning English Cooking Terminology Through Art, Editions Fedimos, Athens, 2015.
3. Εnglish for the Hellenic Coast Guard, Editions IΩΝ, 2017.
4. Maritime English for the Shipping Industry, editions Fedimos, 2019.

**Sofia Koutsogianni is a Bachelor Degree holder in English Language and Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (School of Philosophy), an M. Ed. Holder in the Teaching of English as a Foreign/International Language from the Hellenic Open University. Also her Dissertation Thesis on the field of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning in the Open University of Cyprus is currently in progress. She has been an English language instructor for the last 24 ears focusing mainly on the teaching of ESP on various scientific fields. She has taught general English and ESP in various Vocational Institutes of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation, in the Hellenic Air Force NCO Academy of the Ministry of National Defence, in the Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens, in the School of Applied Technologies (Department of Computer Engineering) of the Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Peloponnese. She has, also, been teaching Maritime English in the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy for several ears. She is a Qualified Trainer for Adults of Non-formal Education (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance / EOPPEP).

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