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WOC Webinars – Sustainable Aquaculture in the Mediterranean

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WOC Webinars – Sustainable Aquaculture in the Mediterranean

Plan Bleu Webinars to Gather Regional and National, Public and Private Aquaculture Stakeholders Around Innovative Solutions For Aquaculture Sustainability

22 October 2020

The World Ocean Council (WOC) invites interested parties to a series of two webinars “Towards sustainable aquaculture in the Mediterranean region”, 4 and 16 November from 10:00 am to 12:00 (CET).

The webinars are organized by Plan Bleu as part of its Programme on the Blue Economy in the framework of the Barcelona Convention. Plan Bleu is one the Regional Activity Centres of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), put in place by France since 1977.

The webinars’ objective is to identify innovations able to effectively address sustainability challenges of the aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean, as well as the actions to undertake for their capitalization.

The WOC Europe Executive Director Christine Valentin will speak at the first webinar on “Collaboration among blue economic sectors to promote sustainable aquaculture – examples and lessons learnt from outside the Mediterranean”.

The WOC continues to work towards developing a multi-industry marine business leadership group for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

The outcome of the webinars will feed the MED2050 Report which confronts several visions of the Mediterranean future by 2050 and co-constructs solid and grounded transition paths towards common goals.

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Webinars are open to all participants free of charge.

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