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IBIA – Follow-up Global Overview First Panels

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IBIA – Follow-up Global Overview First Panels

The first 3 global sessions of the third day of the IBIA Annual Convention 2020 panels brought us a fantastic range of voices addressing the biggest issues facing the industry.

If you were busy or unable to attend one of these sessions, please find below links for you to watch.
In the global bunker suppliers and buyers panel, five executives from the top of the industry took on topics including the risk of further bankruptcies, the relative performance of bunker hubs and smaller ports this year and the possibility of more widespread bunker supplier licensing. Bunker One’s Peter Zachariassen suggested that further consolidation in the industry could be inevitable. And Peter Beekhuis of Maersk Oil Trading said his company had seen surprisingly few problems from VLSFO blending.

Watch the Global Overview Panel – Bunker Suppliers and Buyers
The future fuels panel covered the range of possibilities facing shipping and bunkering with the IMO’s looming 2030 and 2050 greenhouse gas targets. Alexander Prokopakis of probunkers and Frederic Meyer of Total made the case for LNG as a way of cutting the shipping industry’s emissions in the short term, while the rest of the panel set out the advantages and disadvantages of the low- and zero-carbon fuels that might start to take market share in the coming decades.
Watch the Global Overview Panel – Industry Future Fuels Outlook
The global legal, compliance and regulation panel saw IBIA board member Nigel Draffin take a group of legal experts to task over some of the compliance issues for shipping and bunkering. Jodi Munn-Barrow of the Caribbean MOU on Port State Control set out how the authorities in her region seek to take a pragmatic approach to enforcement of IMO regulations, and Frederick Kenney of the IMO’s legal affairs and external relations division shared some detail on how the IMO comes up with guidance for member states on how to put its rules into practice.
Watch the Global Overview Panel – Legal, Regulations and Compliance
We are looking forward to seeing you in the 3D World today and sharing more insights from the industry, through the next Global Overview Panel discussions.

During the panel discussions, you will still have the opportunity to submit questions to the panellists via the Q&A prompt icon in your navigation bar. We will share these questions with the speakers, and once we have received responses, will distribute these to all attendees.

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