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IBIA: Follow-up Global Overview Panels 4-6

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IBIA: Follow-up Global Overview Panels 4-6

The second 3 global sessions of the third day of the IBIA Annual Convention 2020 panels brought us a fantastic range of voices addressing the biggest issues facing the industry.

If you were busy or unable to attend one of these sessions, please find below links for you to watch.

The global bunker quality panel brought together some of the detail we have seen in the regional quality sessions, with a lively discussion of the overarching quality problems shipowners are seeing around the world. The conversation focused on how VLSFO quality now has compared to expectations last year, as well as what the panel would like to see from the next revision of the ISO 8217 specifications.

Watch the Global Overview Panel – Bunker Quality
In today’s shipping industry panel IBIA Director Unni Einemo asked a panel of experts for their assessment of the effect of IMO 2020. The responses were largely positive, acknowledging that there had been significant challenges but noting that preparation had in most cases made them manageable. The discussions also covered the crew change crisis, movement in the freight markets and the shift towards alternative fuels.
Watch the Global Overview Panel – Shipping Industry
Former IBIA chairman Robin Meech moderated the IBIA and industry leaders panel, asking a group of senior bunker and shipping industry figures about some of the medium- and long term issues they have to grapple with. After a discussion of the COVID-19 impact on demand the group discussed the shrinking availability of lending to shipping activity, before moving on to the problem of what type of ship to order now, when the future fuels landscape is so uncertain.
Watch the Global Overview Panel – IBIA and Industry Leaders
We are looking forward to seeing you in the 3D World today and sharing more insights from the industry, through the next Global Overview Panel discussions.

During the panel discussions, you will still have the opportunity to submit questions to the panellists via the Q&A prompt icon in your navigation bar. We will share these questions with the speakers, and once we have received responses, will distribute these to all attendees.


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