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A week for thanks

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A week for thanks

In the United States, it is a week where we observe Thanksgiving.  It began when our country was founded, as the Pilgrims who initially settled in America had a feast to give thanks to the Native Americans who taught them how to survive in the New World. While this may be a myth, it is a wonderful affirmation of people working together so everyone benefits.

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I am thankful to you and the maritime industry which does so much to support global society and its prosperity and growth.  I am thankful for the global, national, regional and local organizations who band together to serve the common good.  We just saw an example of that last week at IMO with the work done to reduce industry’s environmental impact.

As we reflect on how fortunate we are, let us not forget the mariners who make our world function—yet aren’t yet recognized as “essential workers”.  Let us honor their sacrifice so that half the world doesn’t starve, and the other have doesn’t freeze.  Let us salute the mariner welfare groups who minister to them, as well as those who are advocating tirelessly for their welfare.

Over the course of the next few days, weeks and months, let us give thanks to an industry and its workers who literally make our lives productive, rewarding and fulfilling.
With thanks,

     Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
     IMO Maritime Ambassador
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November 25, 2020 
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Deep Dive: Alternative FuelsGLOBAL: MAERSK HAS NO PLANS TO INVEST IN LNG-FUELLED VESSELS 2020-11-19 – ‘We would rather go from what we do today straight to a CO2 neutral type of fuel,’ says Maersk’s Chief Executive Soren Skou. . . READ MORE
Source: BUNKERSPOTDecade of DigitalizationvMOL develops app with Microsoft that slashes hours of data input2020-11-20 – Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has developed a new app which carries out real-time processing of ship operational data, the latest chapter. . . READ MORE
Deep Dive: Safety on the High SeasWatch: Meet the first American female Captain on a cruise ship2020-11-24 –The video, produced by Celebrity Cruises, presents Captain Kate McCue, the first American woman to command a cruise ship. . . READ MORE
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