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Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of INTERCARGO up for new terms

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Dimitris J. Fafalios, president of INTERCARGO

Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of INTERCARGO up for new terms

During INTERCARGO’s recent Annual General Meeting, members unanimously approved renewal of terms
from 1st January 2021, inviting both the Chairman, Dimitris Fafalios of Fafalios Shipping S.A., and Vice
Chairman, Mr Spyros Tarasis of Olympic Vision Maritime Co Inc, to renew their term of office, while also
electing a new second Vice-Chairman of the Association.

Consequently, INTERCARGO will shortly bid a fond farewell to incumbent Vice Chairman, Captain Jay K.
Pillai of Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd, and in turn welcome, Captain Uttam Kumar Jaiswal from the same

Captain Pillai has served for six years, having been appointed Vice Chairman on 1 January 2014. In
accordance with the INTERCARGO constitution, both Chairman and Vice-Chairmen are elected for a twoyear period and no person can serve for more than six continuous years in the same position. This term
will end on 31 December 2020, and a new Vice Chairman will be appointed.

Captain Jaiswal is based in Hong Kong, where his role as General Manager, Operations, for Pacific Basin
Shipping, contributes to the safe operation of the company’s fleet of more than 200 dry bulk carriers. He
has played a large part in the safety programme and performance that has won Pacific Basin several
industry awards in recent years, including the Safety Award at Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2016.

INTERCARGO Chairman Dimitris Fafalios says: “On behalf of the membership, l would like to extend my
sincere thanks to Jay for his hard work and dedication over the last six years as Vice-Chairman and many
more years of active contribution before that. In these unprecedented times, the encouragement and
support that he has given me personally, and his passion and dedication has been an inspiration to all of

“The constitution of INTERCARGO has been written to ensure that we are constantly exposed to new ideas
and new ways of working, and I am delighted to welcome Captain Jaiswal on board, as I am sure he will
have much to guide us on HSEQ and safe ship operations.

“I am also delighted and honoured to have been re-elected by our members for a second term, especially
when the recent exceptional circumstances have demanded that those of us who serve the shipping
community give their utmost to support members and their crews.”

Also, the Technical Committee of the Association approved renewal of terms for Technical Committee
Chairman Tom Keenan of Liberty Maritime Corporation and Vice-Chairman Dimitris Monioudis of
Rethymnis and Kulukundis Ltd from 1st January 2021 for a second two-year term.
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International shipping is vital for the global economy and prosperity as it transports
approximately 90% of world trade. The dry bulk sector is the largest shipping sector in terms of number of ships and deadweight. Dry bulk carriers account for 43% of the world fleet (in tonnage) and carry an estimated 55% of the global transport work (in ton-miles). You are invited to view our video Dry Bulk Shipping: Sustainably serving the world’s essential needs.

The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (INTERCARGO) is representing the interests of quality dry bulk shipowners, with close to 2,400 registered ships out of more than 11,000 ships in the global dry bulk fleet, corresponding to over 25% of the global dry bulk fleet basis deadweight. INTERCARGO convened for the first time in 1980 in London and has been participating with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since 1993. INTERCARGO provides the forum where dry bulk shipowners, managers and operators are informed about, discuss and share concerns on key topics and regulatory challenges, especially in relation to safety, the environment and operational excellence. The Association takes forward its Members’ positions to IMO, as well as to other shipping and international industry fora, having free and fair competition as a principle.

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