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Hot Port News from GAC

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Hot Port News from GAC


Lome, Togo





South Korea



Tariff updates
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Lome, Togo

With effect from 1 January 2021, updated tariff charges will apply for towing / mooring services at Lome Port.

For details about the new tariff charges, as well as information about operations in Togo, contact the GAC Dubai Hub Agency Centre at hub.ae@gac.com

Source: OMA Togo – GAC agent

Permissible Draft at Berth No. 15 & 16
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Mangalore

The Port of Mangalore has advised of an increase for maximum permissible draft for berths 15 & 16 to 13.75m (from 13.50) with 1.20 m height of raising tide to improvement in the water depth at the approach channel and berth face, with immediate effect.

Source: New Mangalore Port Trust No. NMPT/DC/Per.Draft/2021/001

For further information, or information about operations in India, contact GAC India at india@gac.com

COVID-19 Update: China
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, China

There are no changes as such to the regulations for COVID-19 testing but the local health authorities will base testing on their own risk assessment if required for vessels which have had a crew change over 14 days ago.

Examples of application at different ports:

Zhanjiang port does not require 14 days quarantine. But even after passing 14 days, customs may conduct COVID-19 testing according to their internal risk evaluation system.
The regulation is different at Zhuhai. If there is a crew change, Zhuhai customs require a vessel to have 14 days quarantine before berthing. After 14 days, customs go on board for body temperature test. PCR test will be taken only when some crew’s body temperature is abnormal.
At Shenzhen port it is another situation. COVID-19 testing is not mandatory even crew change less than 14 days. NAT test applies only when abnormal (higher body temperature etc.) is reported or found during inspection on board .
The principle is taking effective measures to prevent the spread of pandemic but it is difficult to predict precisely what’s counter measures will local port authorities be taken.
Please contact your local agent to ensure you receive the most up-to-date requirements dependant on the port of call.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in China, contact GAC China at china@gac.com

COVID-19 Update: Malaysia
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Malaysia

Malaysia’s Ministry of Health has advised that the quarantine period of 10 days could be further reduced to 7 days in the event the traveller is in possession of a valid PCR test upon arrival.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Malaysia, contact GAC Malaysia at shipping.malaysia@gac.com

COVID-19 Update: Singapore
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Singapore

The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) is to tighten Covid-19 testing requirements for shore-based staff. Personnel will now have to be tested every seven days, instead of 14, before they are allowed to board ships for work.

For further details or information about operations in Singapore, contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com

COVID-19 Update: South Korea
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, South Korea

A new requirement is applicable for all vessels who plan to conduct crew changes at any country after 15 January 2021. The vessel must ensure to have a valid PCR test for all new joiners before departure to avoid any issues with the Korea Quarantine Officer on arrival in Hong Kong.

Vessel is required to submit the PCR “negative” test result of all new joiners to the Korea Quarantine Officer before arrival at port
For below listed 6 countries, certification is valid only if it’s issued on attached listed Korea Government approved facility within 72hrs before departure:

  • Bangladesh
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Philippines
  • Uzbekistan
  • Russia
  • Nepal

For other countries, certification is valid at all facility but it still needs to be issued within 72hrs before departure.
For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in South Korea, contact the GAC Singapore Hub Agency Centre at hub.sg@gac.com

COVID-19 Update: Oman
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Oman

All travellers coming into Oman must go for mandatory quarantine irrespective of the number of days spent in the country.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Oman, contact GAC Oman at oman@gac.com

Marine Forecast
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Bahamas

Equinor South Riding Point Terminal is under repairs.

Offshore Lightering- weather conditions are favourable for STS operations at Offshore Freeport , Bahamas.

We will provide information as it becomes available on any changes that will affect operations off-port.

For information about operations in the Bahamas, contact the GAC Houston Hub Agency Center at hub.us@gac.com

Source: Elnet Maritime – GAC agent

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