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On the occasion of World Radio Day

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On the Occasion of World Radio Day

Torre Chiaruccia Santa Marinella


“My father wanted the invention of the radio to be used to help save humanity, and not to destroy it”

Valladolid, (Spain)  January 28, 2021.-. Princess Elettra Marconi, the only daughter of the inventor of radio, Guglielmo Marconi, has sent, on the occasion of World Radio Day, a message transmitted from the Italian city of Santa Marinella, to all radio stations in the world, remembering that her father He never tired of repeating that his invention had to be used to help save humanity, not to destroy it.

From the Guglielmo Marconi Science Park, housed at the Air Force base of Torre Chiaruccia, a symbolic place par excellence for the world history of Radio, from where Guglielmo Marconi transmitted a radio broadcast for the first time in history and there it experienced the use of Microwaves to improve the quality of its transmissions, which in reality was the first step for Mobile Radio Telephony.

Marconi chose the Chiaruccia Tower for his first radio broadcasts because, in ancient times, that Tower, located in front of Puerto Estrusco, was a Signal Tower during the Roman Empire.

Perhaps one of his most popular jobs was the installation of the Titanic’s transmission equipment, which so much helped the recovery of the survivors, making calls for help from the Marconi Cabin installed on board, whose reconstruction can now be seen in the Museum de la Ciencia de Valladolid, within the exhibition “Titanic The Reconstruction”, which was inaugurated by his daughter Elettra.

His daughter always remembers with great emotion the words of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, who, before US President Richard Nixon, said: “This has been a success for all humanity, but it should be remembered that it has not It would have been possible without the help of the radio communication systems discovered by Guglielmo Marconi ¡¡¡”.

For his part, Dr. Livio Spinelli, General Secretary of the Guglielmo Marconi Science Park, has sent a letter of thanks to Jesús Ferreiro, president of the Titanic Foundation for his collaboration in this project.

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